Lebanon: Cedars Decoration received by Ghassan Sayah

Date: 13 April 2014

Minister Nazim el Khoury in the name of the president of the republic of Lebanon hanged the Cedars Decoration title in a dinner honoring Ghassan Sayah (Member of the World YMCA Executive Committee).

The dinner took place at Mohammad Barakat home( the head of Moslem orphan homes – foundation of social service institutions).

The ceremony was attended by minister Mohammad Mashnouk  minister  of environment Min Daouk  min Elkhazen and archbishop -first vice patriarch Paul Sayah.

Mr Barakat in his speech described G hassan(the better than blood brother) the road companion who over more than 45 years advanced in the areas of civil society and the humanitarian work until he accomplished his present status nationally , regional and internationally.

Min Khoury was quoted : the president of the republic granted this Decoration to Ghassan  in appreciation and recognition  for the role he played in serving the society and the public interest at large.

Min Khoury added that he personally is very proud of his friendship with Ghassan and he values very highly his continued services and accomplishments at the YMCA and I the country Min Mashnouk in his speech expressed the importance and the uniqueness of Lebanon where only in Lebanon such an occasion takes place Ghassan sayah is being honored and decorated at the house of the dean of the Arabic social and charity work mr Mohammad Barakat honoring his life road companion humanitarian working together  each in and from his position for the advancement and the development of our societies.

Ghassan Sayah in his speech thanked the president of the country , the ministers and the friends for their participation in this event and insisted that he didn’t deserve this great honor for all what he did was his job which he tried his best to do it he often failed, learned from mistakes then often succeeded.