Local YMCAs transformed into tech hubs during Africa Future Summit

Date: 15 November 2019

On Tuesday 12 November our partners Africa Future Summit kicked off their tour across the continent at YMCA Athlone in Cape Town, South Africa. In total, four local YMCAs will host tech summits giving young people the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and entrepreneurs over the next few weeks.

These events are a prime example of how YMCA is using its spaces all over the world as a vehicle to give young people access to tools and knowledge so they can succeed in life and transform this world for the better. In Cape Town, more than 100 participants learned from tech entrepreneur and YMCA175 keynote speaker Christine Ntim who provided a master class on pitching and fundraising. Young people were then given the opportunity to practice their pitch skills to co-founders of Forbes 8.

The tour will continue with stops at YMCA Ethiopia on 19 November, YMCA Kenya on 22 November and YMCA Nigeria on 6 December before culminating in its premier Ghana Tech Summit on 13 December.

For more information on Africa Future Summit visit their website.