Massacres in Bentiu, South Sudan

Date: 30 April 2014

The massacres in Bentiu, South Sudan, sharply reminds us of the importance of working to empower young people in order to re-shape the future of our societies.

The families and friends of the hundreds of people, mostly civilians, who lost their lives in the brutality of days gone-by are a strong reminder of our urgent need to serve young people in their most basic needs and to their ability to lead change and not fall into the manipulation of those whose interests have no limits or respect for human dignity.

Whilst the YMCA Worldwide does not take stand on specific conflicts situations, we are committed to human dignity and in expressing our indignation whenever lives of young people are taken or are placed at risk.

The world is facing the challenge of an untold story of young people’s suffering and misery. We as a society must be vigilant to ensure those voices be heard without bringing to our lives and organisations the divisions such situations inevitably cause.

Injustice is the issue.
Youth Empowerment is the solution.
We Stand4Youth

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