YMCA Gambia

The Gambia – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1979
Membership Status: Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1991

Mission Statement

The Gambia YMCA is a Christian Charitable Association. At its centre are Christians who, regard Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, desire to share their faith with others. We welcome into our fellowship persons of other religious faith and those of no particular religious conviction on the world-wide fellowship of the equal value of all persons. Our programs are based on respect and freedom for all, tolerance and understanding between different opinions and are open to everyone regardless of race, sex or creed.

Main Programmes

Community Development
Safe Drinking Water
Skills Training
Horticulture & Agriculture
Poultry Farming
Adult Literacy
Day Care Centres
Co-operative Shop

Address – National Office

National Council of The Gambia
Kanifing South
P O Box 421

Telephone: 00 -220-439-0625/2647
Fax: 00-220-439-0793

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From the Field: Gambia : Back to the land initiative

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Agriculture plays a significant role in the Gambia’s economy and is a source of livelihood for over 75% of the country’s population.

The absence of an alternative strong economic activity continues to impact negatively on the economy whenever the country experiences poor weather conditions. Low levels of technology, poor cropping patterns and an inadequate supply of seeds and fertiliser reinforce this. These unfavourable economic conditions coupled with a lack of sufficient education and skills have resulted in a high rate of unemployment among young people.

It is against this backdrop that the Gambia YMCA, with support from Catholic Relief Services, embarked on a valued programme to preserve the environment and at the same time create a sustainable source of income for the young people and women of the area.

The Gambia YMCA is currently engaged in the cultivation of a youth farm measuring 250 m. by 200 m. at its YMCA Kabakel Branch, just thirty minutes drive from the capital city. The activities at this farm are characterised by the cultivation of crop, vegetable and fruit seedlings for the community of Kabakel. The land is used mainly for integrated agriculture, enterprise development and natural resource management as part of The Gambia YMCA’s community development initiative.

In sustaining the environment through productive farming exercises the YMCA grows trees and food crops in partnership with the community. The YMCA’s Kabakel branch mobilises over three hundred young people every weekend to work on the farm.

In partnership with the Gambia Office of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the YMCA has been able to meet the ever-growing productive and sustainable needs of this particular community, especially in the areas of farming and crop production, while at the same time generating income for the National Council. The support from CRS is for one year while the Gambia YMCA strategises how to make the programme sustainable.

This joint initiative is a clear indication that partnership plays a crucial role in programme planning, development and implementation.

NGS, John Charles Njie
Programme Secretary, Joseph Peacock

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