YMCA Kenya

Kenya – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA:  1910
Membership Status: Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1961

Brief YMCA History

The Kenya YMCA was founded in Nairobi on 8th November, 1910 by the former USA president Theodore Roosevelt.  Since then the YMCA has spread from Nairobi to 25 Branches and Units all over the country. Since inception we have reached well over 15,000,000 young people through various progarmmes

Kenya YMCA is one of the leading movements in Kenya.  It promotes gender equity hence membership and leadership comprises both men and women.

As part of the international Network, Kenya YMCA has strong relations with YMCAs around the world through partnerships and exchange programmes.

The  Kenya YMCA  runs  programmes that meet the felt needs of the youth and the community .  Kenya YMCA  works closely  with several churches  and institutions to reach out to the  youth and the community.


Mission Statement

To facilitate and develop the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of youth to enable them to become responsible citizens.


Empowering young people for the African Renaissance

Main Programmes

•    Vocational Training: Graduates attain marketable skills in commercial or technical skills for self-reliance.

•    Early Childhood Education and Development:  This programme enables and enhances poor rural/slum communities access this vital education.

•    Recreation and Wellness: Programmes include = Sports and Wellness, health fitness, swimming, aerobics and gymnastics.

•    Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDs:  Youth are reached through behaviour change, an effective way to curb further spread of this scourge.

•    Catering and Accommodation:  Affordable accommodation and catering services.  These facilities are in place in support of the actual youth programmes.

•    Youth Empowerment: Local internships for University and College students coupled with special need volunteerism.

•    Outdoor Programmes:  Entails excursions, tours, hikes, exchange and camp activities to expose youth to diverse cultural and life situations.

•    Health Programmes:  Aimed at prevention of diseases and scourges and drugs abuses that shutter dreams of the youth.

•    Hi-Y Clubs Programme:  Designed to enhance the process of developing the spirit mind and body through activities that meet developmental needs of youth e.g. goal setting, mentoring and stress management etc

•    Civic Competence/Subject to Citizen:  An initiative aimed at empowering young people with civic competence skills that can enable them have credible voices, space and skills to engage constructively.  S2C initiative aims at transforming young people from being subjects to citizens.  The four components of S2C are youth action, youth justice, transformation masculinity and economic renaissance.

•    Youth Violence prevention:  Aim to engage youth in civic education on peace development and create connections with peers and community development.

•    Green  Earth (Environmental) Programme: Entails education on environmental climate justice, clean-up and tree planning activities aimed at saving the country from destruction associated with environmental degradation.

Address – National Office

National Council of Kenya YMCA
NGS, Jared Musima
P O BOX 30330 – 00100, Nairobi
State House Road, Next to University of
Nairobi Hostels

Phone:    + 254 (0) 20 2724116/7,2713599
Mobile:  +254736330 715
Email:    info@kenyaymca.com
Web:    www.kenyaymca.com


Western Region
1.    Busia YMCA (Busia County)
2.    Chavakali YMCA ( Vihiga County)
3.    Indangalasia YMCA(Kakamega County)

Nyanza Region
1.    Kisumu YMCA (Kisumu County)
2.    Siaya YMCA ( Siaya County)
3.    Anyiko YMCA Group (Siaya County)

Central Region
1.    Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology (Kiambu County)
2.    Githumu YMCA (Murang’a County)
3.    Ngecha YMCA (Kiambu County)
4.    Thika YMCA (Kiambu County)
5.    Nyeri YMCA (Nyeri County)

Eastern Region
1.    Kondo YMCA (Machakos County)
2.    Meru YMCA(Meru County)
3.    Mugona YMCA (TharakaNithi)

Nairobi County
1.    Nairobi Central YMCA (Nairobi County)
2.    Nairobi South YMCA (Nairobi County)
3.    ShauriMoyo YMCA (Nairobi County)

Coast Region
1.    Kilifi YMCA (Kilifi County)
2.    Mombsa YMCA (Mombasa County)

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