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Madagascar – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1924Member Status: Ful 
Full Member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since:

Brief YMCA History

Two Malagasy young students  in London wanted to set up a first  YMCA in Antananarivo in 1912. In that time, the country was a French colony, and the YMCA – known as a strong youth movement –  was not allowed, as the government in that time scared a youth consciousness and patriotism.

But in 1924, a French lay young man, Jean Beigbeder could finally introduce the association as a branch of the French Protestant Mission; in the same time he introduced the scouting movement. From 1978 to 1994, the YMCA stopped activities. In 2003, Madagascar YMCA reintegrated Africa Alliance of YMCAs and started renewal process to achieve its mission. Madagascar YMCA is accepted to be under the GOP (Global Operating Plan)  Process in 2007 and had an initial assessment in December this year.

Mission Statement

In accordance with the Paris Basis, the YMCA challenge 21, Madagascar YMCA aspires to be a strong Christian, apolitical, inclusive youth movement.

Madagascar YMCA works with youth through activities, projects and programmes to develop their potentialities for a holistic development, and to enable them to be fully involved within their own communities towards making them agents of change for a better quality of life.

Main Programmes

 Increasing the Orphans & Vulnerable Children and Young People’s resilience to AIDS: In partnership with Y Care International – United Kingdom  .

Full sexual and reproductive education with a strong stress on HIV AIDS prevention.
– Peer Education ( with 140 Peer Educators divided in 3 categories, 12 – 17 years old/ 18-24 years old/ parents)
– Intergenerational dialogue
– Youth advocacy on sexual health and full development
– Sports and recreation
– Nutrition and education support

The programme aims to reach 10.000 young people in the areas of Ankazomanga and Carion.

Supporting vulnerable children in Ankazomanga: In partnership with the Y Global – Norway
Nutrition and education support for the vulnerable children of the Ankazomanga urban slum in Antananarivo. The project is reaching 150 children by offering daily lunch during school day, and giving scholarship. The project strategises to empower the parents to enable them to take care of their children. They are trained through capacity building workshops and introduced to micro credit or other institution to improve their income.

Supporting young farmers in Ambano and Itasy: In partnership with the YMCA of Frost Valley – USA

Potatoes farmers are supported through the YMCA Coopérative Agricole. The cooperative offers technical training and assistance, provides intrants and negotiate for market access. The cooperative has more than 200 members.
Nutrition Programme in partnership with the National Nutrition Office, a nutrition support for young mothers and babies under 5 years old, reaching 10.000 people in 5 Municipalities in the District of Manjakandriana, Analamanga Region.

Address – National Office

NGS, Tsikiniaina Andritherindainy
Alliance Nationale des UCJG
P O Box 5014
Antananarivo 101
E-mail: ymcamadagascar@simicro.mg
Telephone: +261-202-422-524
Mobile: +261-320-439-368

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