YMCA Indonesia

Indonesia – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: Approx. 1928
Membership Status : Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1951

Brief YMCA History

Early YMCA work was introduced around 1928 by John R. Mott and others related to the Dutch and German YMCAs; it was limited to specific projects. In 1946 a serious attempt was made to organize the movement. Large and well-equipped recreation centres served primarly members of the Dutch forces and civilians. Following de facto recognition of Indonesia’s independence, the YMCA of Indonesia was established in 1949, despite serious leadership problems. A National Committee was formed in 1951 and the National Board of YMCAs of Indonesia was affiliated with the World Alliance of YMCAs the same year.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Indonesia YMCA was drafted after the national leaders workshop in June 2000, based on the aspiration of the meeting and still waiting for the adoption at the national leaders meeting May 2001.
YMCA of Indonesia aims to facilitate young people to work in collaboration with all sector for the well being of humankind, a life sustaining community, a healthy and peacful environment, and a just and civil society.

Emphasis and goals for the next quadriennum

The previous main program of the Indonesia Y was elementary to high school. Back in the 1950-s it was urgent need for the society. At the end of 20th century state schools have served all level of the societies. As we are facing new challenges in amidst the political transition entering 21st century, we need to shift our activities to meet the need of our young people for their better future, therefore we will focus our work on cooperative action of young people and interfaith partnership as our effort on peace making process after various of violence terrorising our people.

Especially we start to work with the youth of different faiths to serve the children in their own community. The peace making process should begin since early childhood. Withouth ignoring to work with other age group, but we focuss on the work with children and women. And through the involvement of young people, they also take part of the social change.

Address – National Office

NGS, Margaretha T. Andoea 
YMCA of Indonesia
Jalan Wolter Mongisidi 84AA
Jakarta 12170
Email :retha_andoea@yahoo.com

No YMCA accomodation available in Indonesia.

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