YMCA Myanmar

Myanmar – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1897
Membership Status: Full
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1953

Brief YMCA History

The YMCAs in Myanmar started as early as 1897 in Rangoon. As it was started during the British regime, most of the YMCA programs were to serve the British communities. Almost all the leaders at that time were European. The National Leadership started around 1940s before independence. The Mandalay YMCA and Taunggyi YMCA were also established. Then Pyinoolwin YMCA and Myitkyina YMCA followed.
The National Council of YMCAs was started in 1951 with leaders from Taunggyi, Yangon, PyinOoLwin, Mandalay and MyRkyina.

The early YMCAs
The early part of the YMCA movement was based on YMCA traditional programs such as hostel programs, sports and recreation programs and educational programs. Some of the early YMCAs were too much westernized and eventually strayed away from the local communities. One of the local YMCAs was totally disintegrated as it was empha-sizing too much on western culture. The hostel programs cre-ated a lot of legal problems and could not serve the urban young people as intended. Sports and recreation pro-grams served only a minority. Only people who could afford attended the YMCA educational classes.

YMCA became more and more institutionalized rather than advancing as a movement. Some even thought that the YMCA was a colonial device.

Nevertheless, the YMCA leaders tried their best all these years to meet the needs of the local people by all means. They were able to buy big compound in Taunggyi, Yangon, PlyinOoLwin and Myitkyina. These YMCAs located in key places have large buildings and properties. They have left enormous amenities for the YMCAs.

Recalling the Past
The YMCAs in Myanmar have to come across many difficulties. Taunggyi
YMCA was nationalized by mistake in 1965 and was returned in 1976. Mawlamyaing YMCA was donated to the social welfare department and therefore, the YMCA there became defunct. One of the buildings belonging to Yangon YMCA is being occupied by the Hotel and Tourist Department.

Mission Statement

1. To exert the truth and teachings of Christ as basic principles in its work and programs.

2. To lay down programs and plans for the youth to play a major role for the total development of the youth.

3. To promote devoted leaders who have the will to sacrifice their whole life for the progress and advancement of the people and the community.

4. To cooperate with other faiths, G0s, NG0s, and social organizations in implementing the YMCA’s program and agenda in every possible way.

5. To lay down programs for the expansion of love and setting peace among people and preservation of the nature and environment.

6. To maintain the good tradition, culture and values of Myanmar and to encourage contextual development of the culture and traditions.

7. To work for equal opportunity for both men and women in all programs and agenda.

8. To lay down programs for the development of the marginalized men, women and young people.

Our Mission

1. Working for equal opportunity for both men and women and to work for the development of the whole person in all programs and agendas.

2. Empowering all, especially young people and women to take increased responsibility and assume leadership at all levels and working toward an equitable society.

3. Advocating for and promoting the Right of Women and upholding the Right of Children.

4. Fostering dialogue and partnership between people of different faiths and ideologies and recognizing the cultural identities of people and promoting cultural renewal.

5. Committing to work in solidarity with the poor, dispossessed, uprooted people and oppressed racial, religious and ethnic minorities.

6. Seeking to be mediators and reconcilers in situations of conflict and working for meaningful participation and advancement of people for their own self-determination.

7. Defending God’s creation against all that would destroy it and preserving and protecting the earth’s resources for coming generations.

Our Vision

Sustainable Development and Empowerment of Youth. The YMCA envisions a more justice and peaceful world where individual and community development is sustained and youth are empowered to become responsible citizens

Main Programmes

National Council

The National Council is serving its local YMCAs and local people as much as possible. The National Council has three major Departments:

1. Human Resources Development Department
2. Community Development Department
3. Youth Department

Human Resource Development is conducting the following Programmes

1.    Basic Secretary Training
2.    Advanced Secretary Training
3.    Organizational Assessment Workshop
4.    Gender Awareness Training
5.    Handicraft Training
6.    Lay Leadership Promotion Seminar
7.    Musicians Workshop
8.    Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme
9.    Women Leadership Training
10.    Management Training

Community Development Department is conducting the following programmes

1.    Human Trafficking Awareness Training
2.    Gender Awareness Training
3.    Safe Migration and Anti-trafficking Awareness Training
4.    Capacity Building
5.    Needs Assessment Training
Youth Department is conducting the following programme for the young people
1.    Youth and Dialogue
2.    Youth and Leadership Training
3.    Youth and Environment Training
4.    Youth and Empowerment Training
5.    Networking with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
6.    Joint programme with YMCA of Hong Kong

The National Council also has 4 projects as follows:-
1. SLiCE (Sustainable Livelihood and Community Empowerment ) Project
2. HCOP ( Home Care for Older Persons) Project
3. OVC (Orphans &Vulnerable Children) Project
4. OPSHG (Older People Self-help Groups) Project

SLiCE (Sustainable Livelihood and Community Empowerment) is also under the community development department and the main objective is to obtain sustainable development. This project is supported by EED-Germany. Under this project the following programs are being implemented in the whole country:

1. Appropriate Technology : Economic Stove Making Training
2. Basic Sewing Training
3. Basic Computer Training
4. Advanced Computer Training
5. Flower Arrangement Training
6. Confectionary Training
7. Goat Raising Training
8. Pig Raising Training
9. Basic Health Care Training
10. Motor Cycle Repairing Training
11. Basic Electrical Training
12. Battery Repairing Training
13. Wine Making Training
14. Cooking Training
15. Micro Hydro Power Training
16. Micro Finance Training
17. Construction on Various Bridges
18. Tube Well with Overhead and Ground Tank
19. Food Preservation Training
20. Diesel Engine Repairing Training
21. Leather Bag Sewing Training
22. Small Scales Training

HCOP (Home Care for Older Persons) this project was supported by HelpAge Korea. And it has been continuously already implemented for 6 years. With the support of National Executive Committee, the HCOP Committee was formed with 1 Chairperson, 5 members with a Secretary, so called Project Coordinator. This project has 4 project staff and also has 7 Partner Organizations. This project was recognized and approved by the Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement.

OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children Programme) has been implementing in Pathein Areas by Pathein YMCA from 2009 September till now. This project was supported by Alliance International HIV/AIDS for 18 PLHA Children, 27 Families and 42 Children in 5 focus areas.

OPSHG (Older People Self Help Group Project) has been implementing in Baganbo Village, Pathein area by Pathein YMCA since 2008 till now. This project is supported by HelpAge International.

YMCAs in Myanmar

1. Yangon YMCA (Yangon Division)
2. Mandalay YMCA (Mandalay Division)
3. Pyin Oo Lwin YMCA (Mandalay Division)
4. Naypyitaw YMCA  (Naypyitaw Division)
5. Pathein YMCA (Ayeyarwaddy Division)
6. Taungoo YMCA (Bago Division)
7. Myitkyina YMCA (Kachin State)
8. Mogaung YMCA (Kachin State)
9. Taunggyi YMCA (Shan State)
10.Lashio YMCA (Shan State)
11.Kut Kai YMCA (Shan State)
12.Hakha YMCA (Chin State)
13.Hpa-an YMCA (Kayin State)

Associate YMCAs in Myanmar
1. Maubin YMCA (Yangon Division)
2. Monywa YMCA (Sagaing Division)
3. Kalay YMCA (Sagaing Division)
4. Bago YMCA (Bago Division)
5. Bamaw YMCA (Kachin State)
6. Moenyin YMCA (Kachin State)
7. Loikaw YMCA (Kaya State)
8. Sittwe YMCA (Rakhaing State)
9. Falam YMCA (Chin State)
10.Mindat YMCA (Chin State)
11.Mawlamyaing  YMCA (Mon State)
12.Muse YMCA (Shan State)

Address – National Office

Address – National Office
NGS, Maung Maung Win
National General Secretary
National Council of YMCAs of Myanmar
P O Box 722,

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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