YMCA Nepal

Nepal – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1990Membership Status: Full
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 2002

Brief YMCA History

Nepal is land locked country between India in the south and China (Tibet) at the north situated at the lap of the Himalayas. It’s a BIRTH PLACE OF Gautam Buddha and the land of Mt. Everest. Population is twenty million with the total area of 147,18 1 sq. Km. Due to the fascist regime in the past Nepal remain least developed country in the world where vast number of people live in the rural areas living in absolute poverty.

Nepal is an agricultural country. Per capita income is only 200 US$ 37% of whole population is literate. Nepal YMCA was established from the grass root level in 1990 under the active leadership of Mukti Nath Acharya. Nepal is only one Hindu State in the world. Government of Nepal does not allow Christian organization registered so after the long period of struggle and by the grace of God His Majesty the Government of Nepal registered YMCA in 1997.

Nepal YMCA has 1000 members and working in 13 districts of Nepal. It aims to reach out the young people of 75 districts of Nepal irrespective of their religions belief, sex, caste, language and culture and to mobilize their efforts for the constructive work of society and country.

Mission Statement

Nepal Young Men Christian Association is a Christian ecumenical membership based indigenous Volunteer Organization dedicated to the Spiritual, physical, mental and social development of the people and the community working for the justice peace and development of the nation.

Main Programmes

The major thrust of Nepal is on youth, women, children and environment.

1. Youth Issue
Nepal YMCA has established Youth Center in Kathmandu conducting educational training such as tailoring, computer and languages. Skill development for the jobless young people and marginalized women. Youth center also focussing youth mobilizing for the community development works.

2. Poverty alleviation Program

a) Mass literacy Program has been launched in remote areas empowering the marginalised people.
b) Small amount of money has been providing to the poor people for income generating activities such as vegetable farming, poultry farm, goat rearing, to establish small-scale business hair saloon and beauty parlour.

3. Women Issue

a) Nepal YMCA is sponsoring disabled and street children for schooling under child
sponsoring program.
b) Preventing girls trafficking: Nepal YMCA has appointed staffs and volunteer inHetauda, Chitwon, Lalitpur, Sarlahi, Kavrepalanchowk and Kathmandu to check girls trafficking to India and other countries.
c) Educating schools children about girls trafficking HIV AIDS and drugs abuse.

d) Conducting free medical camps in remote areas.

4. Save the Himalaya Campaign (Civil society building)

a) Planting trees with the help of school children and teachers -and developing
community forest.
b) Educational Cultural study tour Programs

Emphasis and goals for the next quadriennum

Nepal YMCA is a just emerging movement so more emphasize will be given in consolidation and extension programs capacity building and infrastructure development. So the main programs for the next quadriennum are building project of the youth center, to established vocational training centers in Lalitpur, Hetauda and Biratnagar. To establish Kathmandu guests house for income generating for income generating activities. Nepal YMCA will also actively engage in youth, women and children issue and leadership development program, building environmental awareness and working for justice peace equality of the Nepalese people.

Address – National Office

NGS, Mukti Nath Acharya
YMCA of Nepal
P O Box 4349
E-mail: ymcanepal@wlink.com.np
Telephone: 00-977-1-5571-592
Fax: 00-977-1-536-897

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