YMCA Vietnam

Vietnam – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1992

Brief YMCA History

In 1992, the Organizing Committee for YMCA in Vietnam (OCYV) was established to prepare for the formation of YMCA in Vietnam. A certain number of activities, projects in favour of the sustainable development of the country, particularly in the education, health, economy domains have begun to be carried out.

In July 1994, the Viet Youth Service (V.Y.S) was founded. In spite of registering under the name of a private company specialied in organizing domestic tourism, the Viet Youth Service pursues the mission and goals of a YMCA movement within the framework of the Vietnam Law and basing on the registration of establishment (scopes of activities). In May 2000, the company was registered again with an enlarged Board of Directors under the Vietnamese name of HOP TAC TRE that is translated into English: the Youth Movement for Cooperative Activities. The Youth Movement for Cooperative Activities continues to operate as a private company and a YMCA movement with many projects of community development like empowerment of communities, youth, women, ethnic minorities, thanks to the material as well as spiritual support from the World Alliance, the Asia and Pacific Alliance and the YMCA Family over the world.

The YMCA of Vietnam also established a local YMCA in Hanoi.
After many  years of activities, the YMCA of Vietnam has many relations, international cooperation with many YMCAs in Asia, America and Europe. The usual YMCAs which have close cooperation with the VN. YMCA are the YMCAs of Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, YMCAs of the USA (Houston, New York) and YMCAs of Europe (Paris, France)

Mission Statement

The objectives of the Council are as follows:
1. To make the Kingdom of God come over the world, particularly in our country.
2. To contribute to unify all the humankind in a universal charity preached by  Jesus-Chirist, our Lord and our Unique Saviour.

3. To promote and strengthen the present work of the existing YMCAs in Vietnam for the major Glory of God and the service of neighbours, particularly ourcitizens.

4. To extend the YMCA movement and establish the new local YMCAs in our  country.

5. To provide and nurture a link between the VN YMCA’s members and the World Alliance, the Asia and Pacific Alliance in order to fulfil the YMCA’s mission in our country and to contribute to the achievement of the YMCA ideals and objectives expressed in the Paris Basis and the Kempala Principles.

6. To serve the sustainable development of the poor, youth, women, children, ethnic minorities and communities in our country.

7. To train the future good citizens for the Kingdom of God, the society and the family.

8. To take a special interest in the marginalized, the disabled and the homeless.

9. To conserve the environment and preach the respect for all creatures.

10. To contribute to the construction of a better, more just, humane and fraternal society.

Main Programmes

1.International work-camp:
In cooperation with overseas YMCAs, NGOs, Junior Colleges and Universities, the YMCA of Vietnam, in coordination with the local authorities, builds classrooms, play–grounds, toilets, public works in favour of the poor living in the remote areas.

Through these international work-camps, foreign youths can contribute to the community development and have the opportunity to learn about the
life, culture, language, values and community of the host YMCA.

2. Study tour:
This program provides opportunities for Vietnamese and foreign youths to study the culture, history, customs and habits of people of their respective countries and thus enhances the understanding amongst the participants from different countries.

3. Special interest tour:
Organizing tours according to the customer’s proposal: cultural and social tours, visits to beauty spots, ecology tours, camping, research on social activities, search for counterparts….

4. Camping:
Organizing camping excursions to discover nature, training in camping.

5.Vocational training:
Train young people in sewing, electronics, refrigeration, motorcycle repair, computing and management.

6.Development program for the disabled:
About 5% of the Vietnamese population are disabled and whose life is miserable. This program aims for the sustainable and complete development for physically disabled people by creating jobs, equipment for use by the disabled, support services and increasing their living standard.

7. Scholarship program:
Award scholarships to the poor but industrious students in HCM City or from other provinces to pursue their studies. This program also links the Vietnamese schools with overseas schools.

8.Training program:
Through the camping, workshop, seminar on youth issues, young people are trained for leadership and community development. This program contributes to the empowerment of youths and enables them to work together toward peace and justice.

Through vocational training, counsel, credit and healthcare, young people are empowered.

9.Child care:
Kindergarten: particularly for the underprivileged children.

10.Relief – rehabilitation program:
Jointly with YMCAs and NGOs in the world, the YMCA of Vietnam brings relief to the victims of natural disasters.

11.Community development program:
Support the poor peasants in agriculture, rearing of small animals and small businesses in order to ameliorate their living.

12. Cooperative programs:
In cooperation with organizations in the country as well as from abroad, the YMCA of Vietnam carries out the social projects: care programs for the
street children, disabled, orphans, care of old people, HIV affected persons, entertainment programs, youth training, and cultural exchanges…

Address – National Office

NGS, Buu Thien Huynh
UCJGs du Vietnam
70-72 Duong So 8
Khu Dan Cu Hiep Binh Chanh
Ho Chi Minh City/Thu Duc Dist.

Telephone: 00-84-8-7267-013
Fax: 00-84-8-7267-014

For hotel information, please contact YMCA National Offices directly.

Emphasis and goals for the next quadriennum

1. To consolidate the national council, the existing YMCAs in Hanoi and HCMC

2. To establish other local YMCAs

3. To create new relationship with YMCA in Europe, America, particularly link ties with YMCAs of France

4. To strengthen partnership with other YMCAs over the world through the World Alliance, the Asia and Pacific Alliance to fulfil the mission of YMCA.

5. To concent-rate all the programmes on youth training, empowerment of women, poor, ethnic minorities.

6. To continue and develop programmes on disabled : paralytic, blind, mental deficients.

Programmes :

1.Volunteer’s development and leadership training programme: create opportunities for the volunteers participation in the social activities, help the volunteers to serve themselves and their country, make the youth conscious of the community service, conduct and increase the programmes on youth issues.

2. Staff training: increase the knowledge, skill and capabilities for staff to meet the development needs of VN YMCA.

3. Childcare

4. Cultural and vocational training programme

5. Differently disabled programmes.

6.Empowerment of women, poor, ethnic minorities.

7.Educational development: scholarship, construction of classrooms…

8. International programmes: workcamp, study tour, cultural exchanges.

9.Community development

10. Network with local and international NGOs.

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