YMCA Belarus

Belarus – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1994
Membership  Status: Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 2010

Brief YMCA History

First local YMCAs were founded in Belarus in the middle of 1990s. The National YMCA united the local ones and acquired official status in 2000, when it was registered and got a status of Republican NGO. According to the Constitution the local organizations are branches of Republican organization, i.e. they are inferior to the head structure.

At present there are 7 local branches in YMCA Belarus which are legal entities. They are situated in Volozhin (since 1995), in Lida (since 1995), in Bobruysk (since 1998), in Vitebsk (since 1998), in Minsk (since 2001), in Molodechno (has existed since 2002) and in Brest (since 2004).

Mission Statement

Mission of YMCA Belarus National movement is all-round development of a personality and promotion of a healthy way of life.

YMCA Belarus conducts educational, cultural and informational events for children and youth. The main aspect in YMCA Belarus activities is maximum involvement of the young people into initiating, realisation and assessment of projects and programmes of the organisation.

Main Programmes

You will find in the YMCA Belarus:

expedition, songs around the campfire, international scouting meetings, teamwork, friends, studying the history and culture of Belarus, the regional study.

A physically active lifestyle, sports games, floorball, Camping, outdoor games, thematic camps, family camps;

Leadership development, training of trainers, providing opportunities for active, civil competence and involvement in socially important work, a world LEADERSHIP meetings and seminars;

Inclusive approach; Training of volunteers; TRAINING equality, respect for the dignity of each, non-discrimination;

Creative Workshop, Art Class, disclosed themselves through creativity, DRAMA, BAND, dance, choir, PERFORMANCES, THEATRE SKETCHES;

Festivals, national and international meetings, role-playing games, board games, competitions, traditional holiday BELARUS, live and on-line chatting with friends from all over Belarus; The atmosphere of creativity, openness and respect;

International communication, opportunity to meet people from any country, international forums, conferences, seminars, friendly meetings, camps, festivals;

Scouting. Organisation of Belarusian Jamboree, participation in international scout life.

TenSing. Development of the programme in local organizations, participation in local, national and international events.

Address – National Office

National General Secretary: Alexander Drachuk
Lida-2, Grodno region, Box 34
231282, Belarus
Phone: +375-29-7977697, +375 29 7858417
E-mail: ymca.bel@gmail.com
Website: www.ymcabelarus.org