YMCA Czech Republic

Czech Republic – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1921, restarted in 1990
Membership Status: Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1994

Brief YMCA History

The YMCA in the Czech Republic was re-established in November 1992 before the split of Czechoslovakia in two independent states. The YMCA however has a long history in the country which dates back to 1922 when the YMCA in Czechoslovakia was accepted as a full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs. Supported by the YMCA of the USA the Czechoslovak YMCA played an important role in Czechoslovak sports, political, religious, social and cultural life until 1948 when communists managed to govern the country and YMCA was closed as an unwanted organisation.

Nowadays the YMCA in the Czech Republic works through 25 local associations in towns and villages of the Czech Republic. The YMCA in the Czech Republic is a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs and the European Alliance of YMCAs.

Mission Statement

The mission is based on the Paris Basis.

YMCA is a Christian oriented voluntary, non-political, non-profitable movement that aims at the fulfilled life for young people.

YMCA is the movement of help and service. Through the harmonical growth of all sides of the human being YMCA wishes to support healthy, responsible life in the community.

The YMCA is opened for anyone regardless of nationality, sex, religion, and social groups.

The Czech YMCA is fulfilling the mission trough various programmes:
· social activities for children and youth
· organising the Bible studies and courses
· camps
· sport, cultural, ecological events
· scouting.

Main Programmes

The Main programmes of Czech YMCA are:

Activities for children:
– Pre-school Christian Kindergarten
– Summer/ winter camps
– Scout groups
– Clubs with special interest (drama, painting, ceramics, sports – e.g. Korfbal, sport for disabled etc.)

Youth Programmes:
– Ten Sing (Teenagers singing) and Twen Sing (for young adults)
– Summer Youth Camps
– Leadership trainings
– Bible Club, English club

Programmes for families:
– Clubs of mothers, Centres for mothers
– Family Counselling
– Self-help groups (e.g. for families with disabled children)
– Marriage Encounters
– Programmes for families with higher number of children
– Preparation for marriage, marriage reunion

Public services:
– Information centres
– Advisory centre for sects, drug abuse

International Programmes:
– Volunteers for Europe Programme
– EVS (European Voluntary Service) – within the EU program ‘Youth’
– International Camp Counsellor Program – within U.S.A.
– Logumkloster hojskole, Denmark
– International Camps, Meetings, Conferences, Courses
– Eurochildren – programme for disadvantaged children

Address – National Office

YMCA Czech Republic
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115 30 Praha 1
Czech Republic


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