YMCA Estonia

Estonia – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1919/ restarted in 1990
Membership Status: Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1991

Brief YMCA History

YMCA movement in Estonia began in Narva in cooperation with Americans in 1919.

Estonian YMCA became the independent organisation in december 1924.
Estonian YMCA Union was established on the 30-th November 1925.
1940-1989 Estonian YWCA-YMCA were forced to finish to exixtence.
24 March 1990 new constitution was adopted and board with 7 members was elected.

1994 Estonian YWCA-YMCA created joint organisation called Union of Estonian YWCA-YMCA. YWCA-YMCA work is based on volunteers work. Estonia YWCA-YMCA arranges leaders trainings, international exchanges, different kind of cources, camps etc.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Estonian YWCA-YMCA is to build-up well-developed democratic organisation, to integrate russian speaking inhabitants to the estonian society through the programs of Estonian YWCA-YMCA, to increase the membership by establishing new local organisations and to act as information centre for local associations.

Main Programmes

The main activities are:

– to assist in the introduction of cultures from other countries and people in Estonia
– to form partnerships with other organizations in Estonia and abroad, primarly those related to youth, education, culture, health and social affairs
– to form partnerships with Christian churches and their related organizations in Estonia and abroad
– to publish and distribute literature about the Union’s activities, guidelines and plans
– to assist orphanages, children’s homes, senior citizens and disabled in arranging events and activities.

Address – National Office

NGS, Ene Roos
Roosikrantsi 11
Tallinn 10119
Phone +3726676333
Fax +3726676330
E-mai: info@ymca.ee

On-line presence