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YMCA Georgia – Address and NGS

YMCA Georgia
NGS, Gela Chikhradze
44 Al. Kazbegi Ave, 3rd Floor
GE-Tbilisi 0177

Brief YMCA History

YMCA activities started in Tbilisi in 1991. YMCA of Georgia acquired legal status in 1992. The YMCA Europe Field Group of Georgia was established in 1998. It comprises the members from YMCA National movements Of Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Armenia and Ireland. At present, there are four local YMCA organizations in Georgia: Tbilisi YMCA, Kutaisi YMCA, Telavi YMCA and Batumi YMCA. In October 2005, after General Assembly of all local organizations, the YMCA of Georgia became the leader of YMCA National Movement in the country.

Mission Statement

The Young Men’s Christian Association of Georgia is the national union of all Young Men’s Christian Associations in Georgia.

The purpose of the association is to unite the young people to put into practice the Christian principles of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty, through programs and activities that promote the development of healthy mind, body and spirit for all.

The association doesn’t pursue political aims and doesn’t follow any political or religious denomination.


Main Programmes

Youth Civic Engagement – The National YMCA program operates in all four local organizations and aims to promote and develop the values of democracy and civil society.

“Roots for Reconciliation” – This International Project aims to promote peace-building and civic participation process in the Caucasus region through the implementation of various camps, workshops and trainings in Georgia, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, with particular focus on involving youth from conflicting areas in the region.

Orphan Children – The main purpose of the program is to provide assistance to orphan and underprivileged children that lack the opportunity to be fully involved in social life.

Refugee/Internally Displaced Children – The work with this particularly vulnerable group of youth focuses of their integration into society via providing various educational and recreational activities.

Cultural Heritage – Provides youth with the knowledge of national and international cultural values via seminars and excursions. The particular focus is placed on literature, art, folklore and history.

Jazz Program – The program started in April 2008 aims to support and endorse young musicians and create relevant creative atmosphere for them. Two Jazz Music bands are currently the part of the program: Children’s Quartet “J & T” and Youth Octet “The Groovers”. They use the YMCA facility for rehearsals. The members of the program are actively involved in other programs, especially the refugee assistance program.

Baseball – The oldest program within YMCA in Georgia, upon which the organization was built. The YMCA of Georgia runs “The Georgia YMCA Little League”. The biggest achievement of this program was the victory of the YMCA team in EMEA Senior League Championship and participation in World Series in 2005 and 2007.

Streetball – YMCA introduced this sport in Georgia and it is currently very popular way of sport. The YMCA organizes Streetball festivals in Tbilisi and Batumi and these events attract thousands of participants and spectators.

ICCP – This program enables youth aged 19-30 to spend summer in US camps and gain experience in working with children. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel, meet people and make new friends.

Goals and obejctives

The goals

• To support the local YMCAs in conducting joint and coordinated activities;

• To stimulate the development of the YMCA of Georgia by promoting the strengthening and further extension of the member YMCAs and by encouraging the creation of the YMCA in new areas and locations;

• To react to the emerging needs of the community through initiatives, charity actions and programs according to the lifestyle and living standards of the community.

The objectives

• To provide leadership for the YMCA movement and formulate national standards, working objectives and policies for assistance of local organizations. These standards, objectives and policies are to be provided as guidance and should not be mandatory to follow;

• To establish friendly relations between Georgian and international YMCA movements;

• To represent the movement in dealing with the authorities, and with other national and international organizations;

• To provide the activities of national and international scope that can not be implemented by the local organizations separately. These activities must by implemented upon the agreement with respective local organization.

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