YMCA Italy

Brief YMCA History

1851 – establishment of the first Italian YMCA in Piedmont – Waldesian valleys 1855 – YMCA ITALY participated in the first global meeting in Paris, for the foundation of the World Alliance of YMCA and consequent adoption of the ‘Base of Paris’
1887 – foundation  of the first Italian National Federation of YMCAs in Florence
1915 – establishment of the ‘House of the Soldier’ – a large dormitory located at the Palazzo Massimo, near Termini station – on behalf of prisoners of war involved in the conflict
1919 – establishment of the first YMCA in Rome
1923 – Mr. Guido Graziani, YMCA leader degree in physical education at Springfield College, on his return to Italy, organized the first courses, locally and nationally, for Basketball referees and coaches
1940 – during the 2nd World War, the local headquarters of the YMCA in Rome had been available to the Red Cross and the Army
1945 – YMCA Rome restarted to organize summer programmes for elementary schools and recreational and leisure activities for young prisoners of San Michele in Rome
From 1946 to date – YMCA ITALY has regular institutional activities (summer and winter camps, fitness, hotel and hostel accommodations, Youth E.U. projects, local and national youth activities, sport club, exchanges activities, leadership course, etc.)
Currently YMCA ITALY www.ymca.it  has 8 local associations in the country:

·         YMCA ROMA (Rome – Lazio)

·         YMCA HEALTH (Rome – Lazio)

·         YMCA PARTHENOPE (Naples – Campania)

·         YMCA GROSSETO (Grosseto – Tuscany)

·         YMCA SIDERNO (Siderno – Calabria)

·         YMCA CATANIA (Catania – Sicily)

·         YMCA MEDITERRANEO (Catania – Sicily)

·         YMCA CLIMBING HOUSE SAN VITO LO CAPO (San Vito Lo Capo – Sicily)

Mission Statement

The Young Men’s Christian Association – YMCA are free Associations, independent of any civil or religious organization, composed of young people, who wish to promote the development of their personality, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual, in faith and Christian life, according to beliefs and traditions of each one.
They gathered in a National Federation, headed by a National Committee. The National Federation is affiliated to the World Alliance of YMCAs based in Geneva.
Portovenere, August 1946

Address – National Office

NGS, Alessandro Indovina
Via Severino Delogu n° 6
00144 Rome

For hotel information, please contact YMCA National Offices directly.


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