YMCA Kosovo

Kosovo – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 2003

Membership Status: Related

Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: –

Brief YMCA History

The YMCA in Yugoslavia was originally started in 1920 by the British and closed in the 1940s after the Second World War. The YMCA was then reintroduced in Kosovo in 2003, growing fast and introducing initiatives like the blue bus and work and travel. As Kosovo developed and became independent the movement fell on hard times, in 2013 it was rebooted with a new structure and mission; one YMCA for the whole country instead of the traditional federation model. With the new structure, the movement is growing fast and has now active youth spaces, NGO shops, and the first youth campsite in the country- YMCA Camp Pjetershan.

Mission & Vision


To be an inclusive movement where people grow in mind, body, and spirit


  • A strong, credible organization working locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Building future and present leaders and investing in youth
  • Promoting peace and unity and celebrating each other’s differences and diversity

Main Area of work

Young people

Core programs around leadership, Ten sing, advocacy, Environment, and preparation for the workplace across 6 cities in Kosovo.

Innovation Hub

In partnership with UNICEF, the YMCA operates an Innovation Hub in one of the biggest cities, this is a space that offers young people the opportunity to meet and develop ideas. YMCA staff also deliver unique solutions programs like UPSHIFT, PODIUM, and PONDER which awards young people grants to implement their projects.

Gender Initiatives

YMCA runs its own program called Y-Woman but also has been implementing the young men’s initiative in partnership with CARE international. Alongside activities, clubs, and sessions the organization also takes part in campaigns like days of activism and PRIDE.

Retail & Aid

The YMCA operates both digital and physical second-hand shops across multiple cities. This allows the YMCA to support the youth centers but also to ensure communities are supported with aid. The YMCA has given scholarships, planted trees, and supported schools and minority communities over the years through the aid initiative.

Camp Pjetershan

The YMCA is building the first outdoor informal education camp in the country, situated in Pjetershan village the camp is currently under construction and supported by various domestic and international partners.


Address – National Office

National General Secretary: Dorina Lluka-Davies

Address: St. Qamil Hoxha, no.3/5, 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovo

Phone Number: Tel: +383 45 474 699

Email: office@ymcakosovo.com

On-line presence