YMCA Latvia

Latvia – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1923 (Restarted in 1990)

Brief YMCA History

YMCA established in 1923 and YWCA established in 1924 in Latvia. YWCA & YMCA become as a joint organization- YWCA/YMCA of Latvia in 1937. Organization closed by soviets in 1940 and established in the same status YWCA/YMCA of Latvia in15th of September, 1990. YWCA/YMCA of Latvia work is based on volunteers work. Latvian YWCA/YMCA arranges camps, international exchanges, training courses and seminars on different themes.

Mission Statement

YWCA/YMCA of Latvia is open Christian organisation which operate on Christian principles and far and wide (body, mind and spirit) developed personality, fasten Christian values and work for society.

Address – National Office

NGS, Gunta Kelle
YWCA/YMCA of Latvia
Alfreda Kalnina street 2-7
Riga, LV-1050

Phone: +371-72280021, +371-72280059
Fax: +371-72280026
E-mail: imka@imka.lv

On-line presence