YMCA Lithuania

Lithuania – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1932/ restarted in 1994
Membership Status:  Related

Brief YMCA History

1932 – first visit of World YMCA representatives to Lithuania.
1994 – first visit of Swedish YMCA-YWCA representatives of Lithuania.
1994 – first LJKS Christmas get-together.
1995 – first international LJKS activity – ‘Video Training for Leaders’.
1995 – first LJKS youth camp ‘Vasarele’.
1995-1996 – local groups establishment in Klaipeda, Pasvalys, Panevezys, Elektrenai, Kupiskis.
1996 – registraton of LJKS in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania.
1996 – first LJKS National Assembly in Vilnius.
1998 – Board of Lithuanian Youth Organisations (LiJOT).
July 1998 LJKS joined the World Alliance of YMCAs.
1999 – second National Assembly in Vilnius.
1999 – first National Meeting of LJKS scouts and girls gudes.
1999 – LJKS joined the World Alliance of YWCAs.
February 6, 2000 – LJKS in officially admitted of the European Alliance of YMCAs.
2000 – 3rd LJKS conference.


YWCA-YMCA Lithuania is an ecumenical youth organisation which brings people together for mutual help and common Christian work. The mission of YWCA-YMCA Lithuania is to raise all-round developed State citizen and a creative and harmonious personality. The organisation strives for the development of interrelations of harmony and Christian understanding with the members of the society irrespective of their world outlook and believes. YWCA-YMCA Lithuania will strive to become a developed organisation that could have a positive influence over development the emerging YMCAs and YWCAs.

The future vision of YWCA-YMCA Lithuania is to become the strongest ecumenical non-Governmental youth organisation in Lithuania, which brings up human Christian values and forms a healthy body, mind and spirit of the individual through its programmes in the society.

Address – National Office

National General Secretary: Benediktas-Algirdas Ciuksys
Giedraiciu 2/33-8
LT-09307 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: +370-5-272 45 29
Fax: +370-5-272 45 29
E-mail: ljks27@hotmail.com

On-line presence