YMCA Moldova

Moldova – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1996Membership  Status: Related
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since:  –

Brief YMCA History

YMCA Moldova has been founded in 1996. They acquired official status in 2010, when YMCA Moldova was registered and got a status of Republican NGO.
In 2010, the local associations of YMCA Voievod, signed a partnership agreement and formed a new national association called The National Alliance of YMCA’s in Republic of Moldova.

From the beginning the association was the most important youth organization in the country, developing programs like sport, education fore youth, which serve a society.

YMCA Moldova is a part of world movement YMCA.
Not being the religious organisation, YMCA Moldova carries out charitable mission YMCA, being guided on the best samples of world spirituality, and also on national culture and traditions.

We will actively organise various programs: trainings and seminars, cultural and sports festivals, scout actions and summer camp, national and international competitions.

We participate on various international YMCA-events.
Last our successful participation was on YMCA Europe Festival 2008 and 2013 as National Volunteers Team and Actors VOIEVOD Demonstration Show.

In our organisation enters more than 5000 young people.

Mission Statement

The YMCA in Republic of Moldova has the mission to empower young people in Moldova and create possibilities of development young people in the communities.

The mission of YMCA Moldova is to promote the all-round harmonic development of a person physical, intellectual, spiritual and to advertise healthy way of life with members and target groups of organization through educational, cultural, sport and informative programmes.
The association focuses on:

• civic education of young people;

• promoting the healthy way of life, human values, conciliation and unity in the society;

• moral education of the youth;

• contribute to community development;

• realization and defense of civil, economic, social, cultural and other legitimate rights and interests of underprivileged young people ;

• monitoring the situation of young people in Republic of Moldova and abroad;

• contribution to the promotion of the young people status in the society;

• public awareness concerning the problem encountered by the youth.

Main Programmes

Our main programmes are:

• Leadership Trainings and Seminars
• Voluntary Service
• TenSing Festivals
• Workshops
• Art of drawing
• Sports
• Scouting
• Ecologial actions
• Blog

Moldova – Address – National Office

The National Alliance of YMCA Moldova

NGS, Nikolae Pascaru
str. Alexandru cel Bun 83,
MD-2012 Chisinau,
Republic of Moldova

Phone: +373 69 706051, +373 69 367428
Fax: 00 +373 22 241261
E-mail: ymcamoldova-alliance@mail.ru, voievod@mail.ru

General Secretary: Nicolae Pascaru

On-line presence