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Brief YMCA Presentation

The Main Activities of YMCA Artsakh

YMCA  Artsakh was founded in 2004.

YMCA Artsakh has implemented a great number of programs based on the widening of regional and international cooperation and development of opportunities for young people in Artsakh.

The basic directions of the activity have been determined in the framework of implementing the following objectives: carrying out summer youth camps in the South Caucasus format, the creation of resource center for young people, intellectual games and cultural events, educational programs in the field of conflict resolution, leadership, peacemaking and studying the English language.

•    Camping programs “Roots of Reconciliation”: summer camps in Shoushi. Three races have been organized during the whole period and 220 people took part. Trainings and concerts with the invitation of Armenian pop stars were conducted during the camp. These events caused a positive response in society and the media also paid a great attention (publications, videos). We conducted interviews with the participants after the camp and the survey showed that the project is one of the most popular and we want to expand our geographic borders and invite young people from Russia who are eager to join us in our next projects.

•    Trainings: in the field of leadership, conflict resolution, peacekeeping. 60 people took part.

•    Employment of the resource centre where youth meetings, seminars, round tables and discussions are organized, where one has an opportunity to use internet connection and work on video and photo materials. Attendance of the resource centre: 40 people per month.

•    Intellectual games: 16 school teams took part, the total number was 100 people, teams were involved from different regions: Shoushi, Askeran, Martuni, adult teams were also involved with the total number of 16 teams, 80 people.

•    Intenational cooperation:  in 2010 YMCA became the partner of the Crisis Management Initiative, the Finnish non-governmental organization (member of the European Partnership for Nagorno-Karabakh’s resolution) in the project based on the development of opportunities for youth in peacemaking.
6 participants were chosen who took part in the trainings in the sphere of conflict resolution, peace culture and who were given an opportunity to implement several projects. The children were able to attract a great circle of about 20-25 members who joined the organization “Youth Initiative”.
Our organization implements the coordination of these projects, renders resource support and lobbying in the society and in the structures of the power.
YMCA Artsakh plans to continue its activity on the previously identified directions:

•    Camping programs (The development of the scout movement in Artsakh with the use of land obtained in the result of the project ”Roots for Reconciliation”). To organize and mobilize young people who are interested in scout programs taking into account their opinions and the opportunities of the organization, to organize trainings for them, to invite experts from other YMCAs, as well as to participate in the events of international level.

•   Educational programs (trainings on leadership, round tables and seminars).

•   Cultural events (organization of youth movement in the sphere of nature protection and the preservation of cultural and historical monuments).
And also to continue the coordination and support of ”Youth Initiative” in two directions:

•    The project of the ”Awareness of the Consequences of War” which includes repairs and other works based on the improvement of monuments and objects of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s natural and cultural heritage which were destroyed during military operations and to provide feasible help and support to families who have suffered various losses in the result of the war.

•    The project ”Integration of people with disabilities in the social movement and peacekeeping programs”.

NGS, David Melkumyan

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