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Brazil – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA:  1893
Membership Status:  
Full Member
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 

Brief YMCA History

The first YMCA was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1893; it is the oldest, continuous YMCA in South America. In 1901 another association was founded in Porto Alegre and 1902 YMCA work started in São Paulo. The Brazilian Alliance of YMCA was formed in 1903; it became a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs in 1905. In 1960 a new constitution was adopted and the national organization has since been called the Federação Brasileira das Associações Cristãs de Moços (Brazilian Federation of Young Men’s Christian Associations). Later associations were formed in Belo Horizonte (1951), Sorocaba (1956), Brasília (1965).  All these Associations were transformed in corporate association, involving several branches and different kind of services and programs. YMCA work has emphasized Sports and leisure activities, Development Social Programs, Formal and Informal Education and Environmental Programs.
The YMCA has introduced the games of basketball, and volleyball, created the first rules of Indoor Soccer in Brazil and the pioneered camping as well as the establishment of permanent camps as a tool for youth work.

Mission Statement

The YMCA in Brazil is an organization directed by volunteers and professional people, which, commited to the principles of Christianity strives for integral development of children, youth, adults and the elderly.

The YMCAs look for helping to meet the needs and hopes of the community throughout social, cultural, spiritual and physical education programs without distinction of religion, race, sex or social and financial condition, contributing to better quality of life.

Main Programmes

According the permanents objectives of the Brazilian Federation of YMCAs, the main programs are developed, as follows:

1º. National Committees:
· Mission and Christian Philosophy
· Child and Adolescent works
· Youth Works
· Elder Works
· Formal and Informal Education
· Social Development
· Environmental, Camping and Tourism
2º. Expansion
3º. International Relationship
4º. Communications
5º. Planning, Organization and Administration
6º. Strategic Planning
7º. Meetings

Address – National Office

NGS, José Caporal
Federação Brasileira das ACM
Rua N Pestana 125, 10°, cj 103
CEP 01303-010 São Paulo SP

E-mail: ymcabrazil(at)ymca.org.br

Website: www.ymca.org.br/

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