YMCA Chile

Chile – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: September 2nd, 1912
Membership Status:  Full
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since:

Brief YMCA History

The first association in Chile was founded in Valparaíso September 2nd , 1912, motivated by the English and German residents. The movement extended to Santiago in 1920, with Concepción following in 1927. Antofagasta was founded in 1962 and extended to Iquique in 1981. Now the movement has extended to Temuco, located in the south of Chile. The local YMCA’s are coordinated by the Chilean Federation founded in 1952, with its office located in Valparaíso. As a national office, the Federation promotes the Christian Mission, extends the YMCA ideal through out Chile, works with other Latin American YMCA’s, World Alliance of YMCA’s, YMCA of USA, etc..
Currently the Chilean movement reaches 12.000 members, with Santiago attending to 30% of Chile’s participants. The principal programs are related to physical education, sports, camps, schools, recreation, and community work.

Mission Statement

Our mission is sustained in the Paris Basis, the Kampala Principles and Challenge 21 procuring the Christian value of God’s love, fellowship, and community through promotion of virtues and values.

Main Programmes

The YMCA’s in Chile have developed different areas of work:
– Youth Hostel


– Residential camps
– Day camp
– Outdoor education camp
– Oncology camp
– Family Camp
– School camp
– Counselor in training camp

Social & Community Development

– Daily Attention Center
– Youth Orientation Center
– Rehabilitation Center
– Diagnosis & Treatment Center
– Treatment for Drug-addicted youth
Physical Education
– Fitness
– Swimming
– Sports
– Aerobics
– Flexibility programs
– Yoga
– Schools
– Computer skill programs
– Language courses
– Child care
– International Internships- Study and exchanges- International Camp
– Bible study
– Christian Retirement
– Christian workshops
– International mission meeting
– Bible Day

Address – National Office

NGS, Óscar Órdenes
ACJ de Valparaiso
Calle Blanco 1117
E-mail: acjvalpo@gmail.com
Telephone: 00-56-32-459-600/609/610/611
Fax: 00-56-32-459-613
For hotel information, please contact YMCA National Offices directly.

On-line presence

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