YMCA Uruguay

Uruguay – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1909
Membership Status:
Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since:

Brief YMCA History

The YMCA of Montevideo was founded the 6th of April 1909. Started to work organizing activities related to religion, moral, social, recreational and educational areas. The programs that the YMCA offered was varied like: conferences, social gatherings, trips, outdoor programs, studies groups and languages and commercial courses. In 1912 the first gym and the physical educational area was built. Mr. Jess T. Hopkins arrived in Montevideo to become the first Director in Physical Education. The YMCA introduced in the country sports such as basketball, volleyball and swimming, created ‘indoor soccer’ and introduced medical control to improve sporting practices. In 1920 started the social development and extension programs such us the work with ‘canillitas’ (people that sales newspaper in the streets). After Montevideo, other YMCAs were founded in the country: – 1946 Paysandú
– 1960 San José
– 1963 Salto
– 1991 Binacional Salto Grande
– 1994 Frontera

Mission Statement

‘The YMCA seeks to unite those young men who, regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Savior, according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be His disciples in their faith and in their life, and associate their efforts for the extension of His Kingdom amongst young men’

To promote and carry out a new way of leadership, pointed to the integral development of the human being and to impulse social policies.
To grow, offering services of excellence based on the involved work of our people.

1. To bring into operation a new Branch in Ciudad de la Costa
2. To keep the leadership in our business areas, supported by external public-opinion pull
3. To be a ‘model’ at the national and international level, in the childhood, adolescent and youth fields.

Main Programmes

The main Programmes provided are as follows:
– Educational
– Recreational
– Leadership Development Training
– Christian Emphasis
– Counselling
– Vocational Youth Development (targetting street children and youth at risk)
– Motivational Talks
– Facilitate provisions of Social Services, eg. Wheelchairs, food, etc.
– Staff Development
– Linkages with Non-Government Organisations and Government Ministries, the Police, Family Court etc.
– Mentorship Programme
– Linkages with the Services Clubs, such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimist etc.
– Facilitate the practicum and community services from Tertiary Institutions and Work Experience Facilitate Churches for meetings and Baptismal Services.

Address – National Office

NGS, Gustavo Elizalde
Colonia 1870
11.200 Montevideo – Uruguay
E-mail: direcciongeneral@acj-ymca.org
Emails – direcciongeneral@acj.edu.uy /     gustavoelizalde@acj.edu.uy

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