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Jordan – National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1961
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Brief YMCA History

Jordan is a small country of 4.9 million people. Most of the population (UNRWA registered refugees 1,487,449) is made up of Palestinians who migrated immediately after the war with Israel in 1948 and 1967. About 30 percent refugees (1,487,449) are registered with UNRWA and live in 12 refugee camps. The camps have no economic or social infrastructure and their access to government services is very limited. Although the country has made a tremendous efforts in fighting disease, illiteracy and infant mortality, one-third of the population live in poverty whilst the middle class prospers. Therefore, the YMCA was established in order to alleviate the suffering of these people.

The YMCA has been operating in Jordan since 1961. First, under the direction of the World Alliance of the YMCA’s. In 1982, it became a branch of East Jerusalem YMCA. In 1988, it was established as an independent Jordanian YMCA following Jordan’s relinquishing all responsibilities for the West Bank- in July 1988. The YMCA of Jordan continued its work with the Palestinian refugees in Jordan.

The YMCA of Jordan has adopted a strategy to assist these underprivileged people. First the participation and involvement of the youth (both males and females) of the local communities in development of their own local ties. Secondly, the introduction of services and activities. Thirdly, the implementation of vocationnal training for the youth to alleviate unemployment. Moreover, the leadership training for the volunteer youth, both males and females. Last and least, the YMCAs efforts have been dedicated to serving disadvantaged and poor population of Jordan, mainly in the refugee camps. Our YMCA advocates that social services should be in the form of development services and not charity.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Jordan YMCA emerged from actual efforts in confrontation with crucial circumstances and economic deterioration that faced the countrv during the last decades.

Main Programmes

The YMCA of Jordan believes that fighting poverty and protection of human rights go hand in hand. The right to a dignified life is one of the basic rights of all human beings. Our YMCA has been trying to build up the human capital in the refugee camps rural areas by motivating people and providing them with the means to enhance their capabilities in order to enable them to help themselves.
A summer camp is held annually, by the YMCA of Jordan, for those orphan boys and girls from the refugee camps in which the children are taught many subjects outside their schools set curriculae. The children are given every attention and their health is well cared for by experienced medical staff. Additionally, each child is given two sets of clothes and shoes plus all the required hygiene materials. The programs during the camp include arts and crafts, sports and leisure, external trips and cultural activities. Emphasis is given to children’s rights during the camp.

In cooperation with the Pontifical Mission for Palestine, the YMCA of Jordan distributes some JD 40,000 per year on extremely needy children who have lost their breadwinner and support.

Vocational training of the youths from the Palestinian refugee camps is a very effective way of reducing unemployment. The trainees are given courses Building Decoration, Automotive Electricity, domestic Electrical Wiring, Plumping and Sanitary Installations, Tiling and Brick Laying. Females are trained on hair styling, sewing, embroidery and knitting.
In cooperation with the Greek Catholic Benevolent Society, the YMCA supports a free clinic and classes in computer training for girls as well as training in sewing and dress making.

In the rural development field, the YMCA in cooperation with Queen Alia Fund, has supported some two hundred families from the rural areas of the country through financial grants to raise goats, sheep, cows and chicken. The program the living standard of the beneficiaries and improved their nutrition.

Furthermore, the YMCA of Jordan built a community center to provide a recreational venue for the youth of the area. The center consists of a swimming pool, a restaurant and tennis and basketball courts.

Our YMCA, additionally, implements follow-up programs to maintain the contact and the process of education of the youths and their leaders. Also, it, in cooperation with the YMCA of USA and the National Council of YMCA’s of Japan, improves the performance of the leaders through exchange programs ICCP and ICLP.

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