Moving Forward – Plan Y and the 101st AGM of the Canadian YMCA

Date: 19 June 2013

Most organizations develop a strategic plan to lay out the organization’s direction and strategies to move forward. But when a federation like the YMCA in Canada – a network of 51 independent Associations – develops a strategic plan for the federation as a whole, it’s more than a plan.  PLAN Y  is the expression of a vision by YMCA leaders that Associations can contribute more to Canada by working more closely together. Plan Y outlines this vision to build a stronger YMCA for a stronger Canada.

An exciting element of Plan Y is the Global Reach Strategy. For the next four years, the YMCA in Canada will be stepping up opportunities for leadership learning and development through our global initiatives such as the ongoing partnership work with the YMCAs in Africa, Latin America  as well as the Africa Alliance of YMCAs  and LACA (Alianza Latinoamericana y del Caribe   

This year’s Annual General Meeting in Toronto, attended by nearly 300 people, helped us put the last pieces in place to formally implement PLAN Y.

Here are some other AGM highlights:

Marilyn Kapitany, National Board Chair and Scott Haldane, President and CEO
   provided a warm welcome.

• Delegates were inspired by keynote speeches from Romulo Dantas (World
   Alliance of YMCAs)
and National Chief Shawn A-in-Chut Atleo (Assembly of First

Patricia Pelton, Canada’s Elected Representative to the World Alliance of
   YMCAs, presented her 2012 report.
• Delegates were entertained by two wonderful musical performances by Sean
   Sonego (Friday, Saturday) and Damian Yonge, as well as dance performances
   from BreakReation/ ArtHouse.
• At the Young Leaders Forum, which took place just before the AGM, sixty YMCA
   leaders from across Canada brainstormed ideas for their work in the coming
   year. A report from the Young Leaders Forum was presented to the AGM and
   can be viewed here.

Interested in learning more about the work of the YMCA in Canada? Check out YMCA Canada’s 2012 Annual Report available online  as well as Federation Facts

Mary Anne Roche, VP, International, YMCA Canada