New Child Safety Policy for World YMCA

Date: 28 June 2017

World YMCA have recently developed and adopted its Safeguarding Children and Young People policy. This policy aims to make World YMCA an even safer place for children and young people. The policy, which aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, outlines the staff and volunteer’s code of conduct when working and interacting with children and young people, processes to ensure the key elements of the policy are maintained and guidelines for program management. The policy adopted covers all activities of our legal entity in Geneva, Switzerland.

“This is another step in making the YMCA a safer place for young people, because with systems and procedures in place, staff and volunteers have a clear framework to operate within and a support pathway is defined for those who may need to report harm” confirmed Secretary General, Johan Vilhelm Eltvik.

Links to the policy are available here:
Policy Document

EN – Safety Policy – World YMCA

FR – Safety Policy – World YMCA

ES – Safety Policy – World YMCA

RU – Safety Policy – World YMCA

World YMCA has also developed a templated policy that can be adapted and adopted at local YMCAs.

“The intent is for YMCAs to review the document, identify gaps in your current operations and develop an improvement plan. However, without local YMCAs energy and passion this is just a paper. Building a safety culture begins with training on the policy itself so that people understand it in detail. We recommend open discussions about how the policy will affect your current operations. The discussion will create buy in, engagement and embeds the policy into our way of working.

We look forward to hearing the stories of how you have positively impacted your local YMCA making it a safer place for children and young people everywhere”, confirmed Mr Eltvik.

Template for National YMCAs

EN – Safety Policy – Template for National YMCAs

FR – Safety Policy – Template for National YMCAs

ES – Safety Policy – Template for National YMCAs

RU – Safety Policy – Template for National YMCAs