On June 6th the YMCA celebrates one more year of existence

Date: 06 June 2013

On June 6th the YMCA celebrates one more year of existence.
The rich history of our global organization has been written every single day by brave women and men, young people and adults; people like you, who have dedicated their lives for our common cause.

Today we want to use this message to congratulate our movement for its 169th anniversary and invite everybody to start preparing for the biggest event ever organized by the World YMCA movement to celebrate the landmark 170 years of our existence.
For that reason we are happy to announce and officially invite the whole movement to join a day that will be in the history books:

The YMCA World Challenge: MOVE 2014

Our first World Challenge in 2012 mobilized 432,000 people in 85 countries. In 2014 we want much more and this will only be possible with your support. We did it once. We will now do it bigger, better, and with a powerful and lasting message from the YMCA to the world with everyone on board.

Last year was about basketball. Next year will be much more and different! We have some surprises coming to you!

The celebration will be big on June 6, 2014.

There will be much more information coming in the next few months to provide coordination, communication, and support to your national and local planning process.

The Global Staff Team (GST) will be working together to give the best possible assistance to make this event a great success by building on the lessons from the last world challenge.

Together we are the YMCA! Book the dates (June 6, 2014) and spread the word!

Happy YMCA Birthday!

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General

Romulo Dantas, Executive Secretary for Youth Empowerment

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