Our grief and sympathy with the people of Haiti

Date: 20 February 2015

The World YMCA joins with the world community to express our grief and sympathy with the people of Haiti over the tragic deaths that occurred in their Carnival accident. At least 16 people were killed and 78 injured when a carnival float contacted power lines.

Only this week a group from the World Alliance of YMCAs visited the Haiti YMCA and was delighted to see the positive impact the YMCA has in the country. YMCA General Secretary, Johan Eltvik, said ”I have been so impressed with the country of Haiti and meeting so many wonderful people there. While the city of Haiti is still marked by the disastrous earthquake, the YMCA has done a fantastic job, both during and after. The week of Carnival is a big and joyous festival for all the people and having seen all the lead up activity I understand the grief the people are feeling in what should be a time of celebration. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti at this time.”

For further reading on the impact of the work of the YMCA in Haiti you can read the Secretary General’s blogpost: click here.