Date: 11 July 2020

“In ancient Zimbabwe, wisdom and counsel were shared in special meeting forums christened “Padare” (pronounced Pa.da.ray). Typically, Padares consisted of leaders gathered round a tree”

Quotes from the 1st Session:


Tell 1-3 people about your experience in the Padare
What stories did you hear?
How are perspectives different in other regions?
What has this session led you to reflect on?

It would also be a good idea to begin to prepare the participants for the questions that you will be discussing in the first session of Padare session 2.

We’re really keen to look outside as well as inside the YMCA for inspiration, so ask them to bring stories of innovation from other civil society organisations and the private and public sectors.

As a reminder, the key questions for discussion at Padare session 2 are:

Young People – Padare 1-4 
1. How can the YMCA continue to mentor and mobilise young people during this crisis and anticipate future global crises? And become known for our expertise in Youth work, Youth empowerment and Resilience?

2. How can we identify and promote youth-led initiatives and how can YMCA spaces nurture youth-led initiatives?

3. How can the YMCA rebuild its relationship with young people so we are seen as a place where they can find opportunities and become change makers? What do we need to start doing, what should we carry on doing and what should we stop?

Financial sustainability – Padare 5-6
1. How do we recover economically in the short-term? How do we innovate in a time of recession?

2. How do we secure new funds and how do we diversify? Is there a room for national, regional and Global coordination to access new sources of funds and other resources?

3. What are the components of a robust economic model?

Adaptive Y – Padare 7-9 
1. How do we adapt our scale and internal realities (fewer YMCAs, fewer staff and volunteers and a smaller footprint) to navigate the next 6 to 12 months and anticipate a second wave of the pandemic?

2. Which reforms do we need internally to remain relevant in a rapidly changing context?

3. How can we innovate our models, structures and processes to remain relevant in the new normal?

4. How are we building an adaptive capability in the Global Y movement?

These Sessions  (9 different groups) will take place between the 13th to the 23rd of July, all the participants had been contacted by their facilitators.

Shoud you have any questions please contact: