Padare: Global Virtual Roundtables

Padare: Global Virtual Roundtables

World YMCA invites you to join our global Virtual Roundtables – “Padare” series, an opportunity to deeply reflect on how the YMCA will respond in the post COVID-19 environment.

As the world continues to plan and adapt to the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now seeing many YMCAs move into a Recovery stage as restrictions begin to lift in various countries.

Now is the time we want to summon our greatest currencies – our collective selves and wisdom, which we believe is our best response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to deeply reflect and source meaningful, inspirational ideas and sensemaking sessions and exchange with strategic intent and interaction, reflecting on key learnings and insights gathered with each theme, and how the YMCA might respond in the post COVID-19 environment.

In ancient Zimbabwe, wisdom and counsel were shared in special meeting forums christened “Padare” (pronounced Pa.da.ray). Typically, Padares consisted of leaders gathered round a tree, openly sharing from their own wisdom and experience and patiently receiving from the wisdom of other participants. Padares promoted equity, of both ideas and participants; and this was indicative of how the participants sat – in a circle gathered around the safety and humbling providence of the tall tree. The shared equity of the Padare participants was the very essence of Ubuntu, the African philosophy that emphasizes the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. The Padare was a vivid interpretation and display of the ideals of Ubuntu.

Our intend is to create ‘virtual’ circles of YMCA leaders and partners congregating around thematic areas of work that drive our collective passion. Each theme shall be symbolic of our Padare Tree – they shall stand for our common rooted focus and comfort from the elements that would otherwise slow us down. The Padare will be characterised by the exchange of wisdom between participants. This collective knowledge will be the fuel from which we will derive energy, the sharing of wisdom shall be our intent.  Through these Padares, we will share with each other the wisdom of our experience, learnings and knowledge to co-create a new and sustainable normal for our YMCAs.

These Virtual Roundtables “Padares” are a part of the Recovery stage, with these strategic sessions designed to assist YMCAs across the globe navigate through the pandemic crisis and leadership challenges: Resilience Recovery Reimagining.

1.    Young People. How can the YMCA become a relevant and trusted partner for young people, helping build their own and their communities’ resilience in the face of global crisis (current Covid and future crises?)

2.    Sustainable financial recovery. How can we build a sustainable economic recovery for the YMCA from the Covid-19 crisis?

3.    Adaptive YMCA. What does an adaptive YMCA look like?

Introduction to Padare Series – Spanish version
Introduction to Padare Series – English version