Pamunugama YMCA of Sri Lanka  Response to the Call

Date: 14 April 2020

The Pamunugama YMCA of Sri Lanka has united all its efforts to work against the spread of coronavirus to fulfill its commitment to the community. In response to a request from a government hospital to provide some equipment for their workshop, the YMCA donated some tools for the hospital. Here they produce their own safety suits for the staff  treating COVID19 suspected patients. The volunteers of Pamunugama YMCA  also produced 1,500 face masks together with the Negombo Citizen’s Committee which is a coalition of like-minded organizations in the area and distributed those masks among the public.

Most people of Pamunugama earn their living through daily work, are now facing starvation  for losing their daily income due to citywide lock down. The Pamunugama YMCA were able to support these people with 80 dry food packets and are planning to distribute more dry food in the coming weeks. This has been possible with the support of the local and overseas well-wishers and the National Council of YMCAs.