Pray for Pakistan

Date: 29 March 2016

It feels like we’ve just written one statement about the terror attack in Brussels and all too soon we are thinking about our friends in Pakistan.

Our key YMCA leader in Pakistan, Samuel Pervez, expressed the feelings of so many with his post on the attack in Lahore:  “ It was a terrible attack in which many precious lives were lost and huge number of people severely injured. As it was Easter and many Christians were there with their families, One of our staff (Sunny) was there with his family, but by the Grace of God they are O. K. But injured and shocked.

Please continue to remember us in your Prayers.”Samuel saddened me with this Facebook post but inspires me with his post just a few hours earlier “Happy Easter from your Y Family:”. Yes, the YMCA are indeed family and we stand together in all times.

We celebrate together Easter and the hope we find in the empty tomb, and we cry together in the sadness of lives lost.We will keep praying for Brussels, and for Pakistan. We will keep praying for peace. And the YMCA family will keep seeking to help and heal the lost.

Warm regards

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General