Project EnYronment: making our YMCAs more environmentally friendly

Date: 12 September 2019

Emma and Tora from YMCA Sweden participated in the “Participatory Sustainability Visions and their Implementation” workshop at YMCA175. This started a conversation.

“We discussed different ideas on how to become plastic free in our local YMCAs. We all had so many ideas and knowledge,” Tora said. “We came up with a concept of a platform, a website or an app, where members of YMCA could connect with each other and get access to information on how to get their respective YMCA more environmentally friendly.”

What is the project about?

At the beginning, only the participants of the workshop formed the group, but Tora said, “During the event, we all talked about our idea with the people we met. We got more and more people to get interested to join. Because the conference hosted over 100 countries, we became a very diverse group quite easily.” Eleven people signed up for the group, and more than 20 want to be involved in the future.

But Tora’s vision goes beyond. “Our long-term goal is to create a platform where people could go for inspirational stories, tips and infographics on how to make themselves and their local YMCAs more environmentally friendly,” she said. “Maybe your YMCA has done it already? Imagine being able to connect with those people or read about how they have achieved it. Sharing knowledge and inspiring one another is the way to make action possible.”

How can you help?

Tora said, “We need stories and ideas from all over the world. So, if anyone wants to be a part of the project or if they have a story to tell, please do contact us. We also need someone who knows how to build a website, we need structure and ways of communication with each other so that we can help members of YMCA to connect and inspire.”

Tora and the project team are motivated and committed to make it work. “We realise that we should be the ones creating that platform. We can’t sit around waiting for anyone else to do it. The environment can’t wait.”

Find out more

If you want to be in touch with Tora, contact her via email

If you want to organise a meeting to discuss and debate climate change solutions, join a YMCA + UN Youth Climate Summit Watch and Do Party on 21 September in one of your local YMCAs.