Refugee Initiative

What it is?

The YMCA responds to refugees and in 2016 we created the Global Refugee Programme with the assistance of YMCA experts to respond to humanitarian crisis. A new field office was established in Greece and we are working in cooperation with the International Organisation for Migration where we have now received observer status.

Why we do it?

The YMCA has a long-standing history of working to support refugees. 2016 has been a year of strengthening this historic work at a time where support for refugees is needed more than ever. The refugee crisis is truly a world issue and an example of injustice against young people.


Support: Current YMCA refugee activities at all levels
Understand: Ways in which your YMCA can educate and support the global initiatives
Fundraise: Continue to fundraise for ongoing refugee support activities

Who will do what?

National and local levels: National and local YMCAs continue to implement refugee programmes and support the global campaign.
Area Levels: Is the primary implementing body for area refugee initiatives.
Global Level: Is responsible for coordinating the global refugee initiatives.

Further information: Lisa Kalivatsi:

This will happen in October 2019 : Global Summit on Refugees and Migrants