Refugee Skilling Project extended to Phase III

Date: 17 June 2024

The YMCA Europe Refugee Skilling and Support Project has been extended for Phase III through the end of the year.

Since October 2022, through this project, YMCAs in Europe have been actively working to serve the Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) with the support of the Accenture Foundation.

  • The first phase was the emergency response, implemented until March 2023; it reached over 15,000 people.
  • The second phase began in June 2023 and ran through the end of May. It transitioned from an emergency response to an integration-focused project, reaching 14,034 people.
  • This third phase seeks to address the YMCAs’ capacity-building needs so that they can further serve their communities.

In the next seven months, the YMCAs from Ukraine, Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and Slovakia will continue to support their beneficiaries by strengthening language proficiency, enhancing mental health support, building digital skills, facilitating employment opportunities, and promoting intercultural integration. At the same time, the YMCAs coordinated by YMCA Europe will develop sustainability strategies and consolidate their presence in the community.