Ignite! Registration begins for hybrid YMCA World Council, July 2022

Date: 30 November 2021

Registration has begun for the 20th YMCA World Council – a truly hybrid event from 3 to 9 July 2022 which will take place both ‘in-person’ in Aarhus, Denmark and ‘on-line’. For in-person attendees, an ‘early bird’ discount fee is offered until  31 January 2022.

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‘The YMCA World Council is the global YMCA’s highest decision-making body, as well as its biggest and most important shared space. It meets once every four years, and the 20th YMCA World Council will be unique: one event, two experiences … all for one YMCA’, says World YMCA Secretary-General Carlos Sanvee. ‘We continue to react responsibly to Covid, and will watch and communicate the situation very closely. Our greatest desire is for the whole YMCA family to come together, be it in person or online. North, South, East and West: all are welcome, all are equal.’

Core components of the World Council are:

  • Strategy: the adoption of a Movement-wide YMCA Vision 2030: one collective Vision, one collective Mission, four shared priority ‘pillars’ of action
  • Co-creation: working ‘Co-Lab’ sessions featuring inter-generational debate on implementing the four core pillars of Vision 2030: ‘Community and Wellbeing’, ‘A Meaningful Future of Work’, ‘A Sustainable Planet’, ‘A Just World’
  • Governance: the election of new officers to the World YMCA Executive Committee
  • Fun & fellowship: the global YMCA family comes together in-person and online after a year full of challenges for the YMCA and for the world.

Please visit the YMCA World Council 2022 website, and see the first World Council News bulletin (12 November 2021) in English, French and Spanish.  Revisit the YMCA World Council 2022 launch video of July 2021. For any queries, please contact worldcouncil@ymca.int.