Scotland’s YMCA Tayside launches ‘Y Blend Coffee’, chosen by staff and young people

Date: 16 May 2024

YMCA Tayside in Scotland launched its latest initiative under the Meaningful Work Pillar of YMCA Vision 2030 on 16 May 2024: Y Blend Coffee. The goal is to enable and empower individuals within the community by providing access to meaningful employability training opportunities.

The blend was developed by YMCA Tayside staff and young people and produced in partnership with the specialty coffee shop The Bean Shop, based in Perth, Scotland. The Y Blend is the only blend of its kind, the YMCA said, with the potential to travel all over the world. Profits are invested directly back into the YMCA, enabling it to continue to support over 800 young people per year.

Visit the online store to purchase Y Blend Coffee.

Providing Meaningful Work

In today’s fast-paced world, finding meaningful work can be challenging for many. Recognising this need, YMCA Tayside has committed to fostering a supportive environment where young people can explore, develop, and pursue careers that align with their passions and values.

With Y Blend, young people will be at the heart of roasting and developing the blend, marketing and selling it, giving them valuable experience developing entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, young people will become trained baristas through our skills academies, resulting in further opportunities to gain sustainable employment.

Through the Meaningful Work initiative, YMCA Tayside aims to:

  1. Empower individuals: By offering resources, workshops, and mentorship programs, YMCA Tayside will empower individuals to identify their strengths, passions, and career goals.
  2. Facilitate connections: The initiative will serve as a platform for connecting job seekers with local businesses and organisations that value purpose-driven work.
  3. Promote personal growth:  Beyond employment, YMCA Tayside will provide ongoing support to ensure individuals thrive in their chosen careers, fostering personal and professional development.

“As an organisation dedicated to strengthening our community, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to find meaningful work,” said Jill McGrath, CEO of YMCA Tayside. “Through this initiative, we’re committed to supporting individuals in realising their full potential and making a positive impact in their lives and the community.”

For more information about YMCA Tayside and the Meaningful Work initiative, please visit or contact