Sierra Leone YMCA received a National Youth Excellence Award

Date: 13 May 2013

On Saturday 4 May 2013, The Sierra Leone YMCA received a National Youth Excellence Award as the best Youth Serving Organisation.

“This is an important achievement not only for the Members and leadership of the Sierra Leone YMCA but for the World Movement as well.  Sierra Leone YMCA was among the first YMCAS to be enrolled in the Global Operating Plan for Movement Strengthening.

Though a multilateral approach, the YMCA was strengthened around  the three pillars: Mission Clarity, Institutional Viability and Social Relevance. This award is a result of what can be achieved when the World Movement agrees to coordinate its efforts.

With the Global Operating Plan, the Sierra Leone YMCA is developing and growing at a rapid rate, ensuring good governance of the movement to match the fast pace of its projects which are growing and deepening their impact.  Their slum upgrade includes a multi-pronged approach to empowering the lives of young people in two slums, another four having reached a stage of community project sustainability. The civic action programme was integrally involved in contributing to peaceful elections last year.

Membership of the movement has been boosted with the recent formation of the Y’s Club,  comprising professionals who have past ties to the YMCA and have now re-joined the movement in the Y’s Club. These members remain committed to the mission of the Sierra Leone YMCA and they contribute to the movement’s sustainability.

Who ever visits the YMCA in Sierra Leone will notice a strong focus on the needs of the Young People. This is tangible from the entrance of the YMCA buildings to the programme areas.  Skilled Young people are members of Board and leadership structures both at Local and National levels.

The YMCA is now a resource for the Africa Alliance as its leadership especially it’s General Secretary, Mr Christian Kamara, who is facilitating the Peer Review initiative where selected YMCAs i n the region are assessed by their peers around the 3 pillars of Movement Strengthening.