Solidarity Fund: progress report 2021

Date: 08 September 2020

In April 2020, the World YMCA launched a global YMCA Solidarity Fund to support its National Movements which were struggling due to COVID-19. A survey at the time revealed that about 40% of the 120 YMCA National Movements were affected from a moderate level to a severe level.

As of April 2021, we had raised US$ 569,170, including our own contribution of US$ 200,000. A total of 31 YMCA National Movements received a total amount of US$ 515,915 up to April 2021. Funds allocated for each YMCA National Movement ranged from US$ 8,000 to US$ 20,000. The jobs of more than 380 YMCA professionals were saved.

“The grant allowed us to keep and pay our rent during the 5 months of lockdown, when our sources of income were in deficit”. YMCA Madagascar

As the pandemic continues in 2021 and YMCAs continue to struggle, World YMCA plans to maintain the YMCA Solidarity Fund mechanism to identify where support is most needed and where the impact can be greatest in terms of community development.

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