South Korea ferry tragedy

Date: 19 April 2014

The World YMCA family wants  to express its deepest condolences to the Korean people and the families of all those who have seen their loved ones lost when the ferry sank.

Information is still coming in and we hope the work of the rescue teams can result in saving lives of the ones gone missing.

May God give you all strength to bear this loss and get through this difficult time.

Request of prayer from the Ansan Youth YMCA Committee regarding the tragedy

Dear all YMCA friends in the world,

First of all, We, Ansan Youth YMCA Committee, would like to deliver deep gratitude for all the concerns and attentions for this ferry disaster in South Korea.

With 459 passengers onboard, the ferry ‘Sewol’ capsized while it headed to Jeju Island on April 16th. Among them, more than 300 were high school students from Ansan, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea headed to a field trip on the island of Jeju. For now, only 174 people had been rescued, at least 28 people were dead, and about 270 remained missing.

And more sadly, six of the missing students are the members of T.O.P, one of Ansan Youth YMCA’s club. The six students ―Seong-bok, Eun-ji, Mi-ji, Young-eun, Joo-hee, Jae-hoon― are my friends, siblings or alumnus and alumna. They are still trapped in the sinking vessel and waiting for the rescue while we are having class, eating and chatting on land.

We, as a member of, are writing this letter asking for your continuous and sincere prayer and concerns. Our wish is simple: we want to see all the passengers’ safe return including the six members of T.O.P. to family, friends, and the local community; therefore, please don’t stop praying for them and showing your unceasing concerns as what you are doing now. We also praying for the fast and complete recovery of the people and students who had been rescued, but staying fragile and unstable.

May God bless all my family and friends who need miracle.

From Ansan Youth YMCA Committee in Korea