Sri Lanka – Appeal

Date: 19 May 2016

I am writing to update and humbly seek disaster support from you on the flood
situation in Sri Lanka.  The torrential rains after months of drought has resulted in severe floods and in almost 19 administrative districts in Sri Lanka. We received calls and emails from many YMCAs all over Sri Lanka regarding the flood situation. The worst scenario had been the landslides in the mountain regions where still many lives are unaccounted for.

Due to this disaster more than 415,554 people have been directly affected, 41 died, 17  missing, more than 3,269 houses were damaged  and almost 610 welfare centers formed

Also we found some of the member YMCAs were affected by this flood situation.

So, the National Council of the YMCAs of Sri Lanka is seeking your support to provide relief to the affected people

by giving cooked food, clothes, medicines, water bottles & dry rations through member

We will appreciate, if you could act immediately to help us on this
urgent disaster situation to help the affected people.

With kind regards,
Theonis C. Brownson
National General Secretary/CEO, Sri Lanka