Strategy Consultation – 2nd Round

Date: 29 January 2014

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings from Geneva!

The NEW WAY strategy is growing into OUR WAY strategy with your help and engagement. We are grateful for all the good inputs and feedback to the first draft version of the strategy. We have received good suggestions and amendments  from many countries. Thank you!

We have worked hard to include as much of this feedback as possible and we are happy to present you with the next version of OUR WAY strategy. We welcome your comments again, and since this is the second round, we have the courage to set an early deadline for comments, namely February 20, 2014. This will give us time to process new comments and prepare the next version of the strategy, which will go to our governance for a final debate. In March we will have a meeting of the leadership group, Officers and Committee Chairs and after that a conference call with the whole Executive Committee. Here the final version will be agreed upon, and this paper will go back to all of you and will be the proposed strategy to be processed by the World Council in the summer.

Your input can be sent to:

Thank you again for your great partnership in this important process!

Warm regards


Download the Draft Strategy Paper >>>