YMCA175: a message to the world

This year, to mark the 175th anniversary of YMCA, YMCA175 will bring together thousands of young leaders for a unique four-day event, the first of its kind in the organisation’s history, taking place at ExCeL London, from 4 to 8 August 2019.

Carlos Sanvee, World YMCA Secretary General explains why this global youth event is a springboard for global change, for unity and celebration.

Connecting young leaders like never before, celebrating 175 years of YMCA and young people transforming communities, and creating positive change and new ideas to shape the future.

Find out more about YMCA175 by downloading the new 20 page brochure that contains all the information you need to know. http://bit.ly/YMCA175-Event-Brochure

Registration is open for Group Leaders, individuals and families. Young and senior leaders, YMCA staff and volunteers, trustees, board members, General Secretaries, supporters, retirees and associated networks are all invited to become a delegate and join YMCA175.

Organisers YMCA Europe recognise there are some movements whose delegates will require visas to enter the UK. Therefore, they will continue to hold a number of the discount tickets back for a longer period of time specifically for those movements who may register at a later date subject to successful visa applications. All tickets sales will stop on June 30th.

More than half of all tickets for YMCA175 have been available at the early bird price to make this global youth event as accessible, inclusive and equitable as possible for young leaders from around the world to attend this historic event.





World YMCA are delighted to be a partner for the historic YMCA175 event, to be held in London – our founding city – in August 2019.

Registrations are now open and all YMCAs are encouraged to promote the invitation to attend widely.

This is a shared global initiative for our 175th anniversary year and aims to connect thousands of inspiring young leaders to share their vision and personal experiences of social transformation to shape a positive and sustainable future for the world.

YMCA175 will be a unique four-day event at ExCeL London from 4-8 August 2019.

Secretary General of World YMCA, Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, said: “The significance of young leaders and key advocates, partners and supporters of YMCA converging on London, YMCAs founding place, in our anniversary year is not taken lightly. YMCA175 will be a defining moment in our history where our global mission of empowering more young leaders to make the world a better place for all will be at the forefront”.

YMCA175 will create an intensely packed programme that will drive young leaders’ agendas and actions at a local, national and global level.


YMCA175 is presented by YMCA Europe, hosted by YMCA England and Wales, in partnership with World YMCA, YMCA of the USA and YMCA World Urban Network.