The journey of change continues

Date: 01 May 2013

Change Agents in Latin America

In previous news we introduced to you the Change Agent initiative. The response of the Movement to this initiative is impressive.

To date 240 young people have been registered by their movement as change agents.

•    They are from over 60 countries.
•    They are 18 to 30 years old.
•    55% of them are young women leaders.
•    They are both staff and volunteers
•    Majority of them have a bachelor degree or are studying at University level.

The young leaders recruited have very different profiles and backgrounds, amazing personal stories of transformation and growth through YMCA programmes and activities but they have  one thing in common: the willingness to lead our World Movement and  increase its impact and visibility.

The journey for change aims to equip the Change Agents with leadership skills to become the change themselves and to initiate change in their respective YMCAS. This will take place over a period of two years and will include:

–    Face-to-face meetings in area level in (Asia and the Pacific, Latin America
     and  the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Middle East, USA and Canada).
–    Online learning through an  e-learning platform and live internet sessions.
–    A global training initiative which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, in
     August 2013 at the European Youth Festival
–    A unique and global platform to exercise their leadership skills at the
     18th World Council in Estes Park USA, Colorado in July 2014.

The training scheme is supported by a Curriculum designed by the Change Agent Training Team and includes a Mentorship plan. Mentors have been recruited at the highest leadership levels of the world YMCA structure. They are National General secretaries/CEOs, Board Chairs and presidents.

The entire system is coordinated by the World Alliance of YMCAs in Geneva, Switzerland, in partnership with the YMCA Area Alliances in 7 different regions of the world.

The motivation and commitment of the participants is amazing. We have had hundreds of online meetings and thousands of words exchanged in forums. Each area (Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East) has also organised their regional training with their Change Agents.   

Change Agents are about advancing the YMCA movement by being the change, communicating visions of a strong and relevant YMCA and inspiring action worldwide.

Romulo Dantas
Executive Secretary  Youth Empowerment
World Alliance of YMCAs