The story of Danyit Zegeye, HP LIFE trainee at YMCA Ethiopia

Date: 01 May 2022

“Knowledge is the power learning is the key”

My name is Danayit Zegeye , I’m 21 years old and I live in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I’ve recently completed my time as a a graphic design student at YMCA Ethiopia and am planning to start my own  business in the near future. 

I came across HP LIFE because of YMCA Ethiopia. The organization explained the platform which was appealing for me. I took the 4 courses that attracted me the most.

The courses are about success mindset, social media marketing, your target audience and selling online. I took these courses because my business is in the research stage right now. To have a proper mindset and make my business follow an appropriate path from the beginning, the knowledge gained from these courses will allow me to make disciplined decisions and invest in my business.

After taking these HP LIFE courses, I’ve embraced the phrase “the more the merrier!” by taking additional courses which will make me more open to many more possibilities., . These courses also made me realize which social media platform is best for me to share my ideas and how I can use these platforms to reach my customers.

I would like to thank YMCA Ethiopia and HP LIFE for the opportunity they’ve given me to improve my skills and knowledge for free anytime, anywhere. I am happy with the way YMCA Ethiopia gave us the course starting from the orientations, helping us with the courses up until we received the certificate.