World YMCA welcomes new staff placements to Geneva

Date: 30 January 2020

World YMCA is proud to welcome two new communications staff placements to its home office in Geneva for the next three months.

Nathan Godinez joins World YMCA from Long Beach, California in the USA where he utilised and served his local YMCA at the Long Beach YMCA Youth Institute. His experience, both as a service user, volunteer and staff member, has left Nathan with a real passion for the Movement and he’s eager to learn more about YMCA at the global level. Nathan will be supporting the communications team as a graphic designer and copywriter before volunteering time at a local YMCA in the UK this summer. Get in touch with Nathan via email at

Lavine Imali joined YMCA Africa in 2017 as an intern and currently serves as Communications Officer. She believes the stories we tell are vitally important and enjoys finding just the right platforms to share them. Lavine’s passion lies in design and digital communications where she gets great value from working with and on behalf of young people across the globe. Lavine will be supporting the communications team in the area of digital communications and content creation. Get in touch with Lavine via email at

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