Update News From Nepal

Date: 19 August 2015

The photo shows the modern new water tank now installed in the YMCA Nepal building in Kathmandu. The previous one was destroyed during the earthquake. As you can imagine, everyday operations of the YMCA School and Day Care Centre were very complicated without it.

This also demonstrates the post-earthquake relief work of YMCA Nepal is continuing. This is good news!

The immediate urgent priorities for Nepal YMCA (distribution of food, medicines, tents, etc.) are now almost finished, documented and reported.

World YMCA remains in regular contact with Mukti Acharaya, NGS of YMCA Nepal, and we are working together on the second project of the relief work.

The new project will focus mostly on the ruined Kursanibary village, in the mountains not far from Kathmandu. YMCA Nepal has signed a co-operation agreement with community leaders and local school management. Both sides agreed that the YMCA will provide a new drinking-water supply and toilets for the school and nearest villages (totally for 2,500 persons), and will re-construct one of the buildings of the local Buddha Primary School (as a future YMCA Community Centre). Good luck friends!

This new project can hopefully be financed from the resources collected from the Emergency Appeal for Nepal, supported by many YMCAs and individuals around the world.

An important part of the Nepal YMCA’s recent activities is the implementation of educational scholarships for children and youth. They are now in the process of selecting those young people who will get a 3 year scholarship, with priority being given to children from the families heavily affected by the earthquakes in Kathmandu, Kursanibary and Sindhupalchowk. Scholarships will be provided by YMCA Japan, whose representatives are currently in Nepal to discuss additional possibilities of Nepalese YMCA relief work in the near future. Thank you Japan!

YMCA Nepal tries to look at the future of their country with an optimism based on their deep spirituality. It is such a pleasure to read this in one of Mukti’s Facebook posts: 
“Nepal is still beautiful
a land of mystery
a heaven for meditation
and a place of enlightment”.
Friends, don’t forget about Nepal!

Michal Szymanczak

Neapal – News – May 26 – 2015

“Dear fellow Christian in Nepal”

Let us pray for this country.Today earthquake hit Lalitpur and its epicenter is just near Panauti just a few Km. far away. People of Nepal are suffering since one month with this terror. If you are a true Christian and know Jesus Christ then join with me in prayer 5AM -5:30AM in the morning everyday. God will save our country and our people from all kind of deadly disasters.”
From Muktinath Acharya, National General Secretary of YMCA Nepal

Nepal – News – May 19 – 2015
“Relief work in Khursanibary of Lalitpur. Photos include destroyed Buddha Primary School of this village. Nepal YMCA is helping to reconstruct this school and provides 40 scholarships for pupils of this school. Also we construct Vocational Training Center to sustain this village.” Muktinah Acharayap

More photos on our Facebook page

Nepal – News – May 18 – 2015

The relief work of YMCA in Nepal is going on. Today we received more photos illustrating devastation, and their work in the villages: Ekudole, Rinta, Sindhupalchowk and Newbeshi near epicenter of the second earthquake.

“We went to village of Sindhupalchowk the road was risky and there was landslides in many places but thank God nothing happened to us”
From Muktinath Acharya, National General Secretary of YMCA (see photo above and below)

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Nepal   News – May 13 – 2015

From Muktinath Acharya, National General Secretary of  YMCA:

We have another 7.4 rector scale earthquake devastated Kathmandu. Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha and Rasuwa where again 64 dead, over 1000 seriously injured and thousand houses were collapsed. The education ministry announced again two weeks holidays. In many places roads are closed and lives become more vulnerable. So let us adjust the suitable date for your visit…I have made the tentative programs for you to visit Nepal YMCA child care center its building, volunteers and board members and visit of earthquake hit village where Nepal YMCA is helping… We will continue to serve such people as much as we can.

Due to the situation after second earthquake, World YMCA staff postponed visit to Nepal until first week of June.

Nepal News  – May 12 – 2015

From Muktinath Acharya, NGS Nepal YMCA:

The whole mountain collapse between Syangja and kaski of todays another 7.1 Earthquake. Pray for almighty God to this tragedy.

We are safe, our children, my family and myself safe. Thank God.

Nepal News – May 11 May – 2015
From Muktinath Acharya, NGS Nepal YMCA:

Frequent rain with hailstone makes lives vulnerable especially earthquake hit area.
Tent distribution to the people of Dolakha by our volunteer. We are planning to distribute tents to 45 houses in Jugu village of Dolakha district. 45 houses are toatally collapsed and people leaving outside in that village. This is about 7/8 hours journey by bus.

Nepal – News May 8 – 2015

Everyday we talk with Mukti, our National General Secretary in Nepal.

“Relief work by YMCA Nepal is going on well”, he says yesterday. “Already it is becoming almost routine that we are doing distribution of food, water and tents, as well as cleaning, planning the work for coming days and discussing long-term plans. We have wonderful full engagement by the volunteers.  There will be a lot to do in coming months.”

Yesterday we agreed that in the next week two of the World YMCA staff – Michal Szymanczak and Jose Varghese – will travel to Nepal. They will discuss with Nepal YMCA a needs assessment,  assist them with preparing relief work projects, budgets and reports. And, of great importance, to express deepest solidarity and compassion with the Nepalese people of the worldwide YMCA family.

Here in Geneva we have received the  next donations for Nepal – special thank you to YMCAs in Argentina and in Germany!

Next news, photos and update from Nepal will come directly from our staff.

Nepal : latest daily news – May 4 – 2015

Today i went this perticular village where all the houses are destroyed by earthquake. This is a poor farmer village(Tamang village). Nepal YMCA will do relief and rehabilation works will construct school, Health post and YMCA vocational training center for the welfare of these villagers.

For more photos, visit our Facebook Photo Gallery >>

Nepal: latest news May 3 – 2015

An update from Mukti Nath Acharya, National General Secretary of YMCA Nepal

Today we had a staff meeting in Nepal YMCA Child Care Center and discussed that the school will be closed for one week. All staff of the school will join with Nepal YMCA volunteers for the relief work. Two staff were absent in the meeting because their houses were damaged in Dhading and Sidhupalchowk. I am keeping contact with them. Also we are planning the relief work in Dhading and Sindhupalchowk after our two staff bring the report from their native places.

Secondly, today we discussed about providing 200 scholarships to children who are victims of the earthquake hit areas of Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Dhading, Nuwakot,Kavre Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa and Dolakha. Our staff will do the survey work for this in those districts. We also discussed about making a project proposal for this.

Today was a good sunny day. Relief workers are doing a good job, especially Nepal Army. Beside this there are also other organizations working hard for this. We have also bought tents and will distribute them on Wednesday in Nuwakot and champi Village of Lalitpur.

Tomorrow I am visiting to Dalchoki village of Lailitpur district to see Bhudha Primary school . It was ruined by the earthquake and people are waiting for food, blankets and tents.


Reported by
Mukti Nath Acharya

Nepal: latest news May 2nd

Again a good conversation with Mukti. He was tired, but very satisfied with today’s work of his team. They went to Ekdole village in Lalitpur district, one of most damaged areas of Nepal, the place that until now only Nepalese relief (no international agencies) were able to reach. In Ekdole, YMCA Nepal distributed food to 100 – as he says – houses. To people who need it the most.

Friends! We need to mobilize! Use your churches and YMCAs this Sunday when you meet and send funds as soon as possible. Use the bank account you are most familiar with, but send money for relief work in Nepal – now!

Nepal: daily news – 1st May 2015

Dear Johan,

Greetings from Kathmandu

Today was a good day for the relief work. We had a volunteer meeting in the morning. We have divided volunteer in three parts and focused in three district now for the relief works that is Nuwakot, Chapagau, Panggau, Champi, Buruchuli, Bhattedada, Dalchowki and Ekudole of Lalitpur district. One group did cleaning work In Khumaltar where Nepal YMCA child care center is located The other group went to Pangaui to ditribute food items such as rice, lintels, Sugar. and tea for the people 200 who are displaced from the earthquake occured last Saturday. These are carpet weaver people and their factory’s roof has been collapsed.

So we have completed two actvities today that is selfawarness activites for epidemic outburst and distributing foods materials to earthquake victims. The community people are happy with our work…

Tomorrow we will go south of lalitpur district. It is a very remote area will take whole to reach that village. The people are there facing miserable situation. i will give you the brief report if possible tomarrow evening about the relief work in Ekdole village.

I will be keeping touch with you


Mukti Nath Acharya
NGS, Nepal YMCAs
Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal: daily news – 30 April 2015

It is good to have this daily telephone conversation with Nepal and Mukti to receive the latest news from Mukti in Kathmandu… YMCA Nepal finally received the first money, released from a World YMCA emergency fund. The Nepalese YMCA has started purchasing rice and medicines and distributing clean water in the village of Ekdol in Lalitptur district. Heavy rain makes rescue work very difficult, says Mukti.

At the same time here in Geneva we are in good contact with partner YMCAs like APAY, Y- Care, YMCA of Canada, Germany, USA, Argentina, Spain, the YMCA retirees and other partners. In agreement with all partners we as World YMCA coordinate this appeal for Nepal, following “the YMCA International Coordination Protocol for YMCA Emergency Response” from 2009-10.

Nepal: daily news  – 29 April 2015

Today again Johan and Michal spoke with Mukti in Kathmandu. Connection was far to be perfect, but Mukti was able to inform us about everyday life there and YMCA work.

Still in the whole country including Kathmandu are the problems with electricity, shops and markets are not working and there is no way to purchase medicines, blankets and other most necessary stuff. They hope that tomorrow some of the shops will be re-opened. Banks are open only 1-2 hours daily, transfers of money still takes much more time then normally.

YMCA Nepal yesterday established the committee for the rescue work (7 persons) and the group of volunteers and staff (30 persons) are mobilized to implement relief work (distribution of clean water, food, blankets, tents, medicines) in Lalitptur, Kathmandu and Nuwakot districts (villiges: Kaleshwori, Dalchowki, Burunchuli, Daman, Khokana, Chunikhel, Sankhu, Lapisphedi, Kakani, Kukhure) – areas dramatically damaged by the earthquake. YMCA Nepal plans also rehabilitation work in those districts as the second phase of the relief.

At the same time World YMCA is getting first donations as the reaction to joint YMCA emergency appeal for Nepal – from individuals from England, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, USA. Thank you.

Nepal needs us all as never before!

Warm regards


28 April 2015

Dear friends,

I am just off the phone with Muktinath Acharya, NGS of Nepal YMCA. Mukti told me that he had just finished an emergency planning meeting with his team, where they have made the first plans for assistance to nearby villages, situated close to Katmandu. They had appointed staff and volunteers to lead the work, and they are focusing on tents, clean water and food. Mukti will send me a report tonight with the first plans.

He also told me that people are returning to their homes today and are going to sleep indoors. Compared with the last days life is becoming easier for the survivors. However, there is widespread fear of epidemics, so many victims are still under the debris of collapsed buildings and Mukti told me how they are trying to protect the children and themselves from possible disease.

As you have seen we have launched a joint appeal for Nepal together with Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs. We are in conversation with Y-Care International and hope that they will also join this platform.

The World YMCA sent an emergency assistance to YMCA Nepal of US$ 5000 yesterday.

Let us all pray for the nation of Nepal, let us pray for all those villages still not reached by any assistance and let us pray for Mukti and the volunteers and staff of Nepal YMCA and their strength and capacity to be our representatives with the suffering people of Nepal.

Warm regards


Dear Johan

Thanks for your kind mail.It is so nice talk in Phone. On last Saturday huge earthquake hit Kathmandu and other parts of the country resulting massive destruction. I was in fourth floor of Nepal Y building rest of my family member in third floor and orphanage children are in first floor of the same building.

I become nervous and fell in the floor and children began to cry everywhere was panic. There was full of dust and smoke in surrounding places. I began to pray and thanks God nothing happens to us. The water tank which supply water to Nepal YMCA child care center and Laliguras orphanage was totally damaged.

Now there is a shortage of water also foods. Thank you very much for the emergency fund to rebuild the water supply tank. The money also used for immediate clean water
for the school and food for orphanage children. There is also damage of window pane of several rooms of school buiding. Repair of school library bookself, TV
and two computers. The money is also used to buy Eletricity inverters for the school and transportation cost of the target areas where Nepal YMCA will work
for the relief and rehabilitation of earthquake victims.

Once again Nepal YMCA is thankful to you for your love and concern for the earthquake victims and Nepal YMCA rebuilding works. I will send the details plansafter we have a board meeting on Wednusday.

With regards

Mukti Nath Acharya
NGS, Nepal YMCAs
Kathmandu, Nepal

World YMCA Message to Nepal: Sunday 26 April 2015

The YMCA worldwide family is standing in support of the Nepal YMCA and all those affected by the earthquake that struck Nepal and surrounding countries.

The 7.9 earthquake struck Kathmandhu where the Nepal YMCA is based. Muktinath Acharya, National General Secretary of Nepal YMCA, and his family are safe. They are currently without electricity and cannot live in their home in the YMCA School & Orphanage building for fear of aftershocks. The extent of the damage to the YMCA building is not fully known. Muktinath did see that the water tank in the upper floor of the building had collapsed.

Secretary General of the World YMCA, Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, expressed the YMCAs solidarity:  “Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Nepal, hit by an earth quake on the strength of 7.9 and with 4500 estimated victims so far. We stand with you with lots of compassion and prayers.” Messages of prayer and support have also been shared from the YMCA family from around the globe.