Vision 2030 adopted at World Council, July 2022!

Date: 05 July 2022

Vision 2030 adopted at World Council, July 2022!

In a global first for the YMCA, the Vision 2030 strategy was adopted at the World Council, in Aarhus, Denmark today (5 July 2022). The historic moment was witnessed by over 1,000 in-person attendees and over 1,000 online attendees with a record World Council attendance of over 2,000 people.

Our YMCA Movement has over 90,000 staff, 920,000 volunteers and 12,000 branches worldwide, and our Vision 2030 global strategy was co-created with over 120 movements invited to contribute, and extensive inputs collated from global gatherings, forums and consultations over the last three years.

We are so proud of this historic moment and achievement – and can truly say it was a collaborative effort, with input from every level of our global organisation.

“We celebrate this historic moment in the YMCA’s history. This is our Moment. This is our Time.

This is our Vision 2030.” said Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General, World YMCA.


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This is our moment. This is our time.
The world needs the YMCA more than ever.
To empower young people to ignite change.
To help build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.
To raise up the future generation of global leaders.
To see everyone thrive in body, mind and spirit.
To continue to commit to community wellbeing, meaningful work, a sustainable planet and a just world.
To meet community needs wherever we are present…
in 120 countries and 12,000 communities, reaching over 60 million people a year.
It’s our time to ignite change.  #YMCAVision2030  #YMCAignitechange

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External assets: 

  • Four Pillars of Impact global stories (with SDG alignment against each pillar)
  • Vision 2030 video – (2 mins)
  • Vision 2030 video – bringing the vision to life with stories of impact – (7 mins)
  • Social media assets
  • Social media text
  • Social media banners
  • Digital banners

Internal assets: 

  • Vision 2030
  • Vision 2030 Essentials
  • Word version of Vision 2030 Essentials for translation
  • Word version of Vision 2030 Essentials (French & Spanish)
  • Vision 2030 screensaver (Vision, Mission, Four Pillars)
  • Vision, Mission, Four pillars of impact individual
  • Vision/Mission & Four Pillars on a page combined
  • Our Manifesto
  • Our Story on a page
  • YMCA/SDG alignment
  • Brand pack with logos
  • Vision 2030 cube and desk card (at World Council)

The global communications assets will be sent to all YMCA National Movements after the 20th YMCA World Council, if you have not received a copy please email