Voices from Ukraine

Date: 14 October 2014

The World YMCA is following the situation in Ukraine through the eyes of young people on the ground. A few days ago we received few testimonials like the ones from Kristina:

“I am that person who spent 23 years of my life with all the important developments in Eastern part of Ukraine: school, university, job.

Now it’s tough to remember the moment where the first armed men came into our peaceful city and when started to “save” my life from infringing the rights.

But I distinctly remember the morning of Friday 26. Till that day I worked in Donetsk International Airport S.S. Prokofiev, was doing my MSc project in Donetsk National University and hoped that the best is yet to come.

I remember that sporadic gunfire and the noise of explosions right next to my house. I remember how I learnt about first loses among civilians and about first deaths among my acquaintances.

Now I started a new life in Kiev. I don’t have a temporary migrant status here cause I know a thousand of people need help more than I do. Time to time we having a lot of people from Donbas in our rent apartment: our friends and acquaintances.

When I am trying to help people here in Kiev I believe that in 700 km will be someone who will help my family in difficult time. They are still in Luhansk region. Last time I saw them was in June, and it is almost 4 months ago.

Sometimes I think that is not fair to lose everything, home, job. It’s fair to fill defenseless in the face of war and don’t have any protection from your native country. And only hope what we have know is people, Ukrainian people. Every day I am thankful for every person in my life for all their support, love for the homeland and inner power.

I know that one day we will see our peaceful Ukrainian sky without any borders from east to west and I we will wake up every day without any fair for tomorrow.”

Kristina Illushina, 23 years old, Krasnyi Lutch, Eastern Ukraine, YMCA volunteer.