Voting for change

Date: 09 July 2022

 By Maggie Franzen

There were four resolutions presented to the 20th YMCA World Council on 8 July. All four of these resolutions passed.

Resolution one was proposed by YMCA New Zealand, and seconded by YMCAs of Australia and Lebanon. It declared the YMCA World Council’s stance against the abuse of children, young people and adults, and called on member organisations to strengthen their safeguarding policies and practices.

Resolution two was proposed by the National Council of YMCAs of Korea, and seconded by the YMCA of Sri Lanka. It affirmed that the YMCA Movement stands in solidarity with YMCA South Korea in its efforts to support peace on the Korean Peninsula, and to re-start YMCAs in North Korea

Resolution three was proposed by YWCA-YMCA of Norway, YMCA-YWCA of Denmark, YWCA-YMCA of Sweden and YMCA Sri Lanka, and seconded by YMCA South Africa. It determined to establish a global YMCA task force for a just peace in Israel and Palestine, composed of appointed members from interested national movements, and coordinated by an externally funded coordinator, to support the East Jerusalem YMCA and Gaza YMCA in their work for justice and peace in the region.

Resolution four was proposed by YWCA-YMCA Sweden and seconded by YMCA Ireland. It acknowledged that the YMCA is a peacebuilding movement; and that a large youth population, represented by the YMCA movement, presents a unique demographic contributing to long-lasting peace and prosperity. It committed to affirm and to act to strengthen young people’s voice at all levels.